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[ DECISION ] Choosing another game to start reversing.


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I think it's the time to stop making roblox cheats as it is becoming complicated and boring nowadays, we should probably start reversing Counter Strike Global Offensive and I have already done it.


Ever since Byfron's major release, lego cheating has been boring and some people had lost interest on it and quit cheat development on ROBLOX.  Roblox has also told us they'll be taking legal action on those who develop cheats, which isn't sure if they're actually going to do anything or not, probably just bluffing about it. But I'd say it's not worth to risk being sue'd by a multi billionaire company Byfron.


I have reversed CSGO earlier and made some nice cheats on it, it's really not that hard. It's also fun unlike roblox cheat development. VAC it's easy to bypass, but it is slowly getting stronger so occupy your seat and release your p2c before VAC gets stronger and slowly patches all cheats.


If you were wondering what features my csgo cheat had, :

  • Customizable esp (Box ESP, Name ESP, Chams (Visible and Both), Gun Name/Type)
  • Customizable aimbot depending on your weapon type
  • Silent aim
  • Misc stuff like Bhop and etc
  • Lua execution (custom functions, not related to the game at all)
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csgo has too many cheats (hard competition)


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Haha defeat 🤣🤣🤣

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