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Replied to thread : look like exploiting on pc is dead now since byfron released on uwp :P

what, then stop always cheating on lego games

Commented to thread : [C#] Basic Info Sender

the problem with this method is that if you are trying to do an hwid ban on that user specifically, it would be useless since that method of retrieving the hwid comes from a registry file which can easily be spoofed and be changed. Using the computer's part would be better as they never change.

Replied to thread : Roblox process not found ? what can i do

Byfron has added Hyperion to UWP Roblox so it isn't possible right now to inject the cheat and use it, you could downgrade roblox version's to the ones that doesn't have Hyperion built into it, but expect a - account ban -.

Commented to thread : [ DECISION ] Choosing another game to start reversing.

Haha defeat 🤣🤣🤣

Commented to thread : Will the api have uwp support soon?



let me uh just bypass this

Content length must be 10-5000 charsContent length must be 10-5000 charsContent length must be 10-5000 charsContent length must be 10-5000 charsContent length must be 10-5000 chars

Replied to thread : Will the api have uwp support soon?

I would guess Hyperion for UWP is just a watered down client of the actual x64 hyperion client, probably just low level anti-tamper security. Yes, we do expect WRD's API to come back soon on the UWP client. But expectations for the x64 client AKA the "web" version is VERY low so don't expect it to be like that.

Created a new thread : [ DECISION ] Choosing another game to start reversing.

I think it's the time to stop making roblox cheats as it is becoming complicated and boring nowadays, we should probably start reversing Counter Strike Global Offensive and I have already done it.


Ever since Byfron's major release, lego cheating has been boring and some people had lost interest on it and quit cheat development on ROBLOX.  Roblox has also told us they'll be taking legal action on those who develop cheats, which isn't sure if they're actually going to do anything or not, probably just bluffing about it. But I'd say it's not worth to risk being sue'd by a multi billionaire company Byfron.


I have reversed CSGO earlier and made some nice cheats on it, it's really not that hard. It's also fun unlike roblox cheat development. VAC it's easy to bypass, but it is slowly getting stronger so occupy your seat and release your p2c before VAC gets stronger and slowly patches all cheats.


If you were wondering what features my csgo cheat had, :

  • Customizable esp (Box ESP, Name ESP, Chams (Visible and Both), Gun Name/Type)
  • Customizable aimbot depending on your weapon type
  • Silent aim
  • Misc stuff like Bhop and etc
  • Lua execution (custom functions, not related to the game at all)

Replied to thread : Are we getting close to the end of exploiting era on roblox?

you kinda seem childish, how old are you?

Commented to thread : Exploits Discontinued Tracker (kill byfron)

haha I completely agree

Replied to thread : Exploits Discontinued Tracker (kill byfron)

I'd not assume Script-Ware is discontinued, it's just some sort of "work" they are currently doing to figure out a way to get through the "legal consequences" thingy shown in the latest RDC.

Replied to thread : do you get banned for just downgrading roblox?

As @ethanm2502 has mentioned, Roblox probably has some sort of detection in order to know if Hyperion is running or not.

And you won't be able to get through this as the latest version of Roblox only got Hyperion implemented.