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Interactive Menu in Roblox



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Hey guys, I would love to get some feedback on my GTA V Interactive Menu in Roblox, if you couldn't tell it's heavily inspired by the mod menu X-Force. Some people may think this is impractical to use for serious projects, but I think not; I feel this can really get popular and inspire people to create things like this!! anyways tell me guys what u think, thx!


Base menu, Test submenu's created.


Only has a boolean action functional right now, working on the rest:


Menu is fully interactive via mouse or arrows keys & enter!

Here is a video to see it in real time.


(my other projects can be found on my youtube aswell)


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ScriptVault coming soon


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I really like it

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Looks nice for a GTA menu but I don't like GTA mod menu layouts in general.

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I actually made one before too (it was a interface for Commands in a ROBLOX game)

this is quite nice but also in general that most people won't probably use a Interface like this but that's my opinion.

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We Hate VOID

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nice job

blinx my beloved

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i am deeply in love with this design

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