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can someone please make a free mac script executor that works?

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all the other mac script executors i tried did not work such as hydrogen as example adn others

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i find it intresting and want to make one, sadly i dont own an imac or macbook and idk if u can create a mac VM

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buy script ware mac os

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@bennytrt, I think you're able too but I don't think it works well

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We Hate VOID

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Buy Script-Ware Mac $20 Lifetime 

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your best option is to buy script ware mac. i don't recommend hydrogen as they have adware on their site. if you cant afford it buy a windows computer or use a windows virtual machine.

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Exploits i own:

Script-Ware (Down rn) Electron (UWP) Shadow (UWP)

i dont use verm that much so dont contact me there

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