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SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

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SirHurt V4

Making games easier since 2015 with a easy-to-use dashboard. Providing clean ROBUX at affordable rates, and full luau script execution with a extensive custom enviornment to make scripts pack a punch.

Note: Sorry for the double post, but turns out threads auto lock after a short time so this is a revival of the previously locked thread.


The benefits of SirHurt V4 include:
-SirHurt V4 is a full, non-skidded, luau executor which will run scripts smoothly and efficently.

-SirHurt V4 is NOT a CLVM.

-We've been creating products since 2015 and have over 100,000 registered clients.

-A easy, simple, and secure whitelist/authentication system.

-A huge API documentation allowing for a wider range of script support.

-Easy injection with fast attatchment speeds.

-Secured and undetected from roblox's AC rulesets. SirHurt is assigned a neutral rating by RAC which means it's not flagged as a cheat by ROBLOX on use.

-A easy to use support system, easily open a ticket via site or join our public discord server for a more direct approach.

-Easily obtainable, accepting a wide range of payment methods including ROBUX, Amazon cards, Roblox cards, Bitcoin, Cashapp, Debit/Credit cards, and last but not least PayPal.


Video of SirHurt V4 in action:



Robux Rates & Payment Methods:

1k4.90 USD A/T. Redeem anytime or gift to a friend

Accepting Bitcoin, Paypal, Cashapp, Debit/Credit card payments






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We've pushed out an update to our software and suggust that all users re-download from onedrive and re-extract everything.


SirHurt will now hide itself in a temp folder to help avoid one specific detection from roblox's AC. We've also modified a few other things and SirHurt should not cause any 268 kicks for the remainder of users who didn't follow our instructions with folder renaming.

Head of Operations @


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