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C# WRD Exploit API Updates

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These updates only relate to the C# WRD Exploit API. The C++ API likely won't get much love.


Because the C# WRD API will get more frequent updates, I've decided to incorporate an automatic updater. Exploit creators will no longer need to manually redownload the C# WRD API and reship an update. Hopefully, it will be a long time until a manual update is required again. Most likely only if the updater breaks.


The API finally uses the improved DLL injector as found in JJSploit. This means it will be less likely for you to be detected by games. It is known that the new injector doesn't work for everybody. Perhaps the client needs to install VC++ redistributable. If for some reason the new injector does not work for you or your clients, you may want to offer another button that uses LegacyLaunchExploit() instead. It uses the same old injector from the previous versions but is not as safe.


The template has finally been fully updated and fixed for the previous large WRD API update.


I needed to add a JSON string parser. Sadly I couldn't find a simple/single-file C# code library, so I went with a DLL library instead. This means two files are now required to implement the C# WRD API. When downloading the C# WRD API, you will see that a .zip is downloaded. Extract it and you will see the two files. WeAreDevs_API.dll as usual, and newly, Newtonsoft.Json.dll. Simply keep the new file, Newtonsoft.Json.dll, in the same folder as WeAreDevs_API.dll.

Jan 21- Shoutout to ImmuneLion for giving me a better solution. The process of implementing the WRD API remains the same and as one file.


If you notice any urgent bugs, feel free to DM me! Could put that auto-updater to use.

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