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[+] Is your exploit deleting itself or parts of it?

[+] What is a key system and how do I get past it?

[+] Common Q&A on Roblox Exploiting

[+] How do properly open your exploit

[+] How do I know my exploit isn't a virus?

[+] Official Krnl FAQ & fixes


Quick Summary of Q&A


[Q] Is your exploit deleting itself or parts of it?

It may be your anti-virus. Please try disabling it or add the exploit folder to an exclusion.


[Q] What is a key system and how do I get past it?

A key system is a system that requires you to go through some links with advertisements that supports the owner through making money of it. After you completed the ads, you should receive a text key which you should put in the key text box.


[Q] Why is my exploit crashing?
There are some explanations which may answer your problem:
1. The exploit is patched, which means the exploit's DLL doesn't have the latest ROBLOX code, and this what is crashing.

2. If you don't have a gaming PC, it may be a problem with your CPU, GPU, or RAM since ROBLOX uses also RAM and sometimes CPU/GPU. These 3 things may not handle the ROBLOX itself and the script which may crash ROBLOX.

3. But wait, you have a gaming PC and it's still crashing? It may be the problem that the DLL can't handle the long or powerful script (Which uses more RAM), which simply requires a better executor.


[Q] What should I open first for the executor to load?

1. There may be an application called "Bootstrapper", or in some other ways that contain "Bootstrapper". Launch it first, and wait for the installation to complete, and then you should launch the "exploit-name.exe" file.

2. If there is no bootstrapper file, then just simply launch the "exploit-name.exe" file.


[Q] What do I do if an exploit DLL is patched?
You should wait for the owner/developers of the DLL to update it, and wait for an announcement.


To save people some time, all Roblox exploits will not work on Wednesday or Thursday. This is because Roblox has updated and exploits have to update with it. The process of updating may take 1-12 hours. Please be patient on Wednesday or other dates. 


[Q] Why is JJSploit crashing upon injection?


If you're using a WRD Exploit API cheat, like JJSploit, please turn off the game's beta setting. Leaving the setting on will crash your exploit on injection.


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