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How to upgrade your WRD account to Premium and Premium Perks.

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To upgrade to Premium, Go to

Although the perks are already stated in there, Ill state them in this thread too.


Lifetime VIP

Even after your patronage expires, you get to keep VIP perks


+2 & -2 rating perm

Found someone toxic on the forum? Drop their rating by 2! Vice versa.


Profile Badge

Your profile visitors can see you're a patron.


No advertisements

Load the website faster and have more space to view content.


Change your username

Ability to change your username.


Unique forum name color

Denote your support to all forum viewers.


Animated Profile Picture

With VIP/Premium, You can get animated profile pictures to make your profile look better.


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If you decide to cancel your subscription after getting Premium, Don't worry, You keep Premium for a month after buying it, After a month it transforms into VIP which is Premium with all perks, Your rating limit is decreased to -1 and +1 only unfortunately.







Diff: Difference. A term used in the community to raise or lower someone's reputation rating. Difference by +2 is to raise someone's rating by 2 points.

Lifetime: The time that your account exists. Its life is considered at an end when it has been deleted or banned.

VIP: Members of elevated status in the community. Received as a token of gratitude. VIP members can diff 1 user ratings and get a badge on their profile.



Additional Info


Patronage is a monthly subscription of $5. You can cancel anytime.

You can cancel with the peace of mind that your benefits will remain until the end of your period.

Donating helps the creators develop more great content. By supporting us, we give back additional abilities across the website and inside our content. We hope to introduce more benefits to our supporters. Rewards are subject to change.


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buy patreon if you are cool



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@testaccount u got money for me to buy it?

I am a used-to-be programmer, now producer, rapper and artist

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@Explanationsure add me on disc dekuamcool#1111




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shut anime boy

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