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The complaints sub-forum is aimed towards receiving help that is related to the software that WeAreDevs redistributes, as well as general complaints/inquiries relating to moderation and general management.

Before posting a thread (or a post), make sure that it conforms to certain regulations:


1. Make sure that your thread/post is on topic. This sub-forum is aimed towards receiving/providing assistance with cheats, inquiries, and complaints about moderation and management. You should not post "expose threads", talk casually or post anything that is not tied to the purpose of this sub-forum. All posts should contribute to the topic, if you have nothing good to add, keep quiet, unnecessary replies lead to confusion.


2. Do not provide any false information when replying to threads. If you are there to help, you must know what you are talking about. Jokes like 'delete system32' are not tolerated. Do not rate software based on your personal feelings. If you do not know what you are talking about, spare yourself from looking like a fool and stay quiet.


3. As the general forum rule states, do not discourage people or drive them away from WeAreDevs products. "JJSploit is trash so use X" is not a valid contribution to a thread, and will be deleted. This is to otherwise preserve a neutral community from being affected by cheat elitists who attempt to drive people away for their reasons.


4. Do not end up insulting anyone for their knowledge of cheats or computers. If someone makes a guess that they made clear that they're not an expert on, do not insult them. Understand the importance of constructive criticism or if you cannot handle it, move on.


Most of the global forum rules apply here as well. Use your common sense.

Breaking these rules can result in an appealable (or in rare cases unappealable) -20 'rep'. Be mindful of others and the rules.


(Credit to texas for writing this) 


Note these rules are effective 8:45 PM PST 3/20/2021

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