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Replied to thread: How should rep be moderated

@atariXDight cool


And yes I agree with what moderation did to sirweeb was incorrect, already talked to the moderators regarding that

Replied to thread: How should rep be moderated

@JalapenoGuywell we can't delete +rep so yes lol

Created a new thread: How should rep be moderated

Just making another thead from this to see if anyone has any new ideas noe:


Feel free to throw suggestions here or private message me and I'll be more than happy to discuss them with you.


TLDR currently non moderation neg reps are only deleted if:

  1. The reason for the neg rep is cearly dumb/Low effort (ie -1 with the reasoning being "peepeepoopoo")
  2. The thread/image used has been deleted
  3. The information has been independently verfied by mods to be false (extremely rare)

Again point 3 is rarely ever done because we do not have the time to play ping pong with both sides xd

Replied to thread: [BetterWRD] Anti-bot system for WRD (Preview)


fine ill do it myself

Replied to thread: what upgrades should I make to my thinkpad?



i mean other than replacing the battery and get an ssd, there's not much else you can do

u can throw more ram at it but that's kinda  waste when the CPU is that slow (u series is power efficient not fast)

Replied to thread: [HELP] I need help, My computer's affected by a malware/miner.

second nuking windows and fresh install

Replied to thread: mods forgot to -rep this?

thanks for the reminder 

Replied to thread: Reason's To Use Nihon.



Help immune is holding my family


Replied to thread: actual slander

@Rexi Here was my take on your rep appeal which determined that the appeal should stay. Some context is that one of the mods was actually defending you and wanted the rep to be removed, but after reading what I said below they swapped sides.

Again "I am open to suggestions on how to handle neg rep appeals better but rn all i see is mostly hands off is best as it is the most consistent"


Copy pasted from staff chat:

one could make the argument the way rexi replied is toxic

while yea personally thats very mild but still

the user determined that his reply was toxic enough in his eyes and used it as a soruce

generally the definition of toxic will vary from person to person

which is why I usually dont side one what is toxic and what isnt

I made a post a while back asking how rep should be moderated, didnt get much reply but the ones I got reinforce my point


I am open to suggestions on how to handle neg rep appeals better but rn all i see is mostly hands off is best as it is the most consistent

if rep

has a reason and source (that is not clearly fake or bs) then it is valid 

and the idea of what is a fact or opnion is completely different argument, but if I was the person neg repping. One of my arguments for saying that is a valid rep is how rexi replied with words such as brat

I generally try to get into the shoes of the other person and try to make an argument for them


Did that enough times and realized, best course of action is nothing cuz I use to go to the other person and ask them to defend their rep themselves, then realized its a waste of my time and I got better things to do

cuz both sides eventually have valid arugments


I rlly dont think mods should be the deciding factor just cuz we have the ability to delete rep

again we aren't a justice system and I dont expect (and dont want) you guys to spend hours hearing arguments and getting both sides, then deciding which side is better 

damm pictures failed to embed, linked instead

Replied to thread: actual slander

"and I wont even talk about how the moderation here is more corrupt than v3rm moderation."


Source: trust me bro

Replied to thread: [Help] Screen turning off and on

If you are referring to the laptop side then most likely the hdmi port on the laptop is bad


But if you want to be 100% sure test with another monitor 

Replied to thread: [Question] Which one of these two GPUs should I buy for gaming + editing

@Ajabruh rlly recommending a slower 1050 over a 970 skull

Replied to thread: [Help] Screen turning off and on

@Ajahow did you check the cables then


Also hdmi has a tendency to be a bit loose since it doesn't have locking tabs compared to display port 

Replied to thread: [Help] Screen turning off and on

sounds like a loose connection or a bad cable, try just getting a new cable or testing the monitor on another system

Replied to thread: I think I understand why I keep having panic attacks

@SeizureSaladbold of you to assume redditors have met a woman