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How can I gain more reputation?

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"How can I gain more reputation?"


Good question, Gaining reputation is actually very simple and isn't hard, All it needs is patience and kindness.

If you want to get reputation, Follow some or all of the tips below!


1. Try not to start arguments or drama, This can sometimes result in a -10 rep from forum mods.


2. Make sure to read and follow all the rules, this can help avoiding sticky situations and also makes moderators jobs easier.


3. Try not to take mod-level stuff into your own hands, Instead try to report it to a Forum mod.


4. Contribute to the community, For example help others with exploits issues or development, give people tips or comfort them when they're in hard times.


 5. Try not to be so desperate, People will dislike you if you ask for reputation, Instead act like reputation doesn't exist in the first place.


6. If you have a higher reputation or someone has negative reputation, don't act as if you're higher in rank, A users reputation does not matter, Its the reason behind the reputation that matters.


7. If you're -repped, Try to figure out the reason why and then stop/improve on it.


8. Try to take a joke sometimes, All humor-related threads arent "shizposts", You can make threads on whatever you want, Just make sure you don't overdo it. (etc post only one per month or two)


9. Avoid using insults, you can offend others sometimes even if the insult was not directed to them.


10. Try starting conversations with others and befriend them, And also remember that peoples join dates or badges do not matter at all, Be friendly with everyone.



And remember, Being perfect doesn't matter, Everyone is imperfect, Never judge a book by its cover, Its whats inside that matters.


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