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Rules for posting an exploit/user created application (Failure to comply will lead to your thread being hidden without warning)

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NOTE: All files posted here aren't all checked by mods, download with caution. 

If you are posting your own exploits or any files that you made, make sure you fulfill the Minimum Requirements below.

Images, texts, and videos are excluded.


Note downloads that are in a DIscord server must abide by the rules below.

(Effective 10:30 am PST 3/18/2021)

Minimum Requirements (MUST HAVE BOTH):


Any run: (If your exploit won't run because it doesn't support win 7, just post it with a note about it)



Optional Requirements:

Ui pictures (recommended e)

Virus Total:


Here is a guide for an Any run submission:


Failure to comply with the Minimum Requirements will result in the threads being immediately archived, or hidden from public view.
These threads will receive a reply from a mod notifying them about the missing requirements and once these are fulfilled, the thread will be unarchived. (Effective as of 2/17/2021 10:05 PM PST)


If you have any questions or want me to add something I forgot, make a thread in discussion.

(exploit threads made before 1/30/2021 at 1:15 PST are exempt from deletions)
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