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[REL] Blackout API

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Blackout API is a library for serversides (sorry im not a c++ nerd cough cough deeppain cough cough)

basically, it makes it so you can add realism mod to your ss's, you can add graphics, you can use my custom hide function, (find on blackout ss github) you can also spoof the guis location and name.

the only things you guys have to do is enable stuff inside the local script and define what stuff is what.
this will be updated possibly every other saturday or sunday, possibly friday, im a solo dev and it takes time for me to release stuff.

the only other thing you have to do is define your buttons parent and executor box's parent with our hide function, other than that, setup is pretty simple. you can find the hide function in the libs folder in the actual api. also go in the module script and define your gui.

that image above shows what you set true and false on the options.

heres the link to it:

tell me if anything is broken, i appreciate it.

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Seems cool except i'm not familiar with Lua to actually use this.

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