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"Flip Phones Are Overated... Really. They Are" - TracedPoints, 2020



I Like Playing Roblox. By playing i mean exploiting :cheers:




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Replied to thread : Is roblox exploiting illegal?

I think i died reading this

Created a new thread : Ok, Best Thing Ever.

You Need Stylus or any other css thingy.

Brand New Theme.

Wabz And The Other Guy - The Original Base
Open Gamer Tips - Code Block Function


i literally memorized the link. you played ya self


Replied to thread : [Exposé] My Whole Exposé On MrFlipPhone.

@R3bornSploit i see that you are new here. welcome.


Replied to thread : [Exposé] My Whole Exposé On MrFlipPhone.

@R3bornSploit i see that you are new here. welcome.


Replied to thread : regarding my wrd mute (albertspp)

@Monkey_D_Luffy umm look at the title please.


Replied to thread : [REQ] Anyone know how people make FE Hubs?

@_realnickk im talking like hat hub and project verified type sht.

Replied to thread : [Exposé] My Whole Exposé On MrFlipPhone.

@Moon *slow motion* nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Created a new thread : [REQ] Anyone know how people make FE Hubs?

im a relatively good scripter. I'm just not a hub creator, i make server sides. someone please explain or lay in on the topic a little bit.

Created a new thread : [Exposé] My Whole Exposé On MrFlipPhone.

so i took my part 1 down because i dont know. i cant recover it. i also have a very... interesting video from the chad himself peyton. this whole exposé was put together by Nexus42, Me, and Peyton_. Today FlipPhone is exiled from the serverside, exploiting, roblox building, roblox developer, roblox scripter, and roblox communites as a whole. I'm done with this sh*t. I'm tired of all the gas lighting and manipulation.

- their sh*t - 
roblox account: ARIATARI2016
Discord Id: 733090312293056573

without further adue, heres the video.

Flip Phone Video

i will no longer post anything on this topic unless i need to.

i will now provide the proof from taxidriver08 that also shows some weird sh*t.

section 2: pedo shi*
everything in this section is provided by taxidriver08

so after i commented on his expose he contacted me on discord 
after talking to her he claimed he was 14 but mentally aged at 10 
after a while she tried to hit on me (im a minor for clarification) 
she already has an alt: 
admitting to being 10: she also shared a screenshot of his roblox settings page showing his date of birth, for privacy reasons i'll just say his Date of Birth was in 2010 (she claims to me pressuring him but i actually didnt) 
so.... after all... she is a 10 year old pedo...

so basically. lets fuk her shi* up. (not like that though you know what i mean)

and um her irrelavant sugar dady sgtvibes asked us something. if youre adults why dont you forget about this? isnt it the adults job to teach the children right from wrong??

here is also a clip from nexus. its a bunch of gaslighting shi* btw:
and a screenshot from peyton to prove age and sh*t:

Updated people: so in this screenshot you will see a bit of irony. and um vodka was a rip-off of wine (nexus's exploit)
mind you, this screenshot has my old alias in it (Im_Zero) if anyone is confused.

Replied to thread : [Teaser] Arch [SaveInstance, Decompiler etc.]

@chr1srbx fuk next month we need it by next week;-;

Replied to thread : [Teaser] Arch [SaveInstance, Decompiler etc.]

release the MOFO alrEadYY

Created a new thread : [REL] Blackout API

Blackout API is a library for serversides (sorry im not a c++ nerd cough cough deeppain cough cough)

basically, it makes it so you can add realism mod to your ss's, you can add graphics, you can use my custom hide function, (find on blackout ss github) you can also spoof the guis location and name.

the only things you guys have to do is enable stuff inside the local script and define what stuff is what.
this will be updated possibly every other saturday or sunday, possibly friday, im a solo dev and it takes time for me to release stuff.

the only other thing you have to do is define your buttons parent and executor box's parent with our hide function, other than that, setup is pretty simple. you can find the hide function in the libs folder in the actual api. also go in the module script and define your gui.

that image above shows what you set true and false on the options.

heres the link to it:

tell me if anything is broken, i appreciate it.

Replied to thread : [REL] The easiest theme to ever make.

@63568 :thumbs_up: