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Replied to thread : deeeeobfuscationnnn PEW PEW

idk  deobfuscation other will tell

Created a new thread : Roblox Apis

please tell me me some roblox apis/dlls that dont have 268 error without keys

i am asking because i want  make exploit i bored

Replied to thread : pls deobfuscate?

ok then /charssss

Created a new thread : pls deobfuscate?

its okay if you cant

script link

Created a new thread : hazelN's Scripts Discord Server

Click Here To Join Server


There Are Only 4 Scripts We Will Try To Add More


Server Is Still Being Mad


Scripts Used Kavo Ui Library

Replied to thread : Pls Help Me / chars

@VoidableMethod, i have a 500 GB SSHD DISK

Created a new thread : Pls Help Me / chars

So i was installing a 100 gb game (Grand Theft Auto V) by a repack called fitgirl it was 2 hours and 30 mins and it suddenly changed to 4 hours and it keep going higher. i really need a fix i have 8gb ram Windows 10 please reply if u can help

Created a new thread : Roblox Update

Uhhh... When is evon going to be updated because roblox update i wanna use it

Created a new thread : Byfron Discuss

Will there be a way to bypass it?


And when is it releasing

Replied to thread : I need a script










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Replied to thread : I need a script

like i can get badge instantly 


teleport function to checkpoints 


teleport to crown

Created a new thread : I need a script


I need a script for rb battles finale battle (because i won all of it i touched the crown but didnt got badge   - - only for who know what is rb battles)

i dont wanna do it again so can anybody make a script and give it here?