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Replied to thread: [RATE] Minimalistic Blog Design

From my perspective, the overall design appears to be flawless. I particularly enjoy the vibrant colors and well-organized layout. I was wondering if you could tell me which fonts were used in this design. I am very curious and I would appreciate it a lot if you could let me know. :)

Replied to thread: What languages do yall speak?

I speak both English and Spanish fluently, which allows me to connect with a diverse group of people. Having the ability to understand and speak multiple languages is important in today's world, and being bilingual allows me to build stronger relationships and expand my opportunities. I am proud to be able to speak both languages.

Replied to thread: [Question] Cross-platform Compilation

Compiling and linking your source and header files with Clang can be a bit of a hassle, as I've personally experienced, but using a build system like CMake or Make can make the process a lot easier. If you're not a fan of CMake's syntax, you could try using a higher-level tool like CMakeLists.txt.


Whenever it comes to including files from the Windows API, the Windows SDK is your best bet. It has all the headers and libraries you need, but you may need to make some modifications to make them work with Clang++. But don't worry, it's generally pretty straightforward.


Here are some references that might come in handy:



Hope it helps!

Replied to thread: [Preview] OhMyEyes! Theme - Vilictus

Nice work! 👍 I prefer the current dark mode as it aligns with my personal taste, however, I must admit the light mode appears sleek and polished.

Replied to thread: [Release] Linkvertise API

The code could benefit from some improvements, but it is a solid foundation. Keep up the good work, and continue to pursue your passion for coding. I'm sure you will continue to improve and grow as a developer. ;)

Replied to thread: New Wrd Premium GIveaway! (Limited Entries)

That sounds exciting! Best of luck to all the other participants! :)

Replied to thread: Any Tips and Tricks for Beginners to the Forum?

@Zera I assume you might be the one who left a comment on my profile. I'm a tad confused, do you mind elaborating a bit more for me?

Created a new thread: Any Tips and Tricks for Beginners to the Forum?

Hey there, I'm new to this forum and I'm excited to be a part of this community. I was wondering if there are any tips or suggestions that more experienced members could offer me? I know that navigating a new forum can be overwhelming and I want to make sure that I make the most out of my experience here.


I'm looking forward to engaging in discussions, learning from different perspectives, and contributing to the community. I know that communication and proper etiquette are key in any online community, so I want to make sure that I'm following the right guidelines.


If you have any advice on how to communicate my ideas effectively or any tips on how to make the most out of my time here, I would really appreciate it. I'm also open to any suggestions on how to utilize the resources and tools available on this forum.


In short, I'm really excited to be a part of this community and I want to make sure that I make the most out of my experience here. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Replied to thread: what is your point in life? what are your capabilities?

I totally agree with you. It's important to believe in ourselves and not let limiting beliefs hold us back. The law of attraction is powerful. Keep pushing forward, never doubt yourself and always keep a positive attitude. I'm excited to see what big thing you'll release soon and I believe that my purpose in life is to assist others by imparting my knowledge to them.

Replied to thread: Does learning PHP now pay off later on?

In my opinion, PHP may be good for some websites, but it has its downsides. It's mostly used on the server-side, has a bad reputation for confusing syntax, poor performance and a lack of modern frameworks/libraries. You might want to consider learning other languages before making a decision.

Replied to thread: UI Development (Windows Forms)

Nice work on those UIs, they look better than what I could make. I wish you all the best luck in finding customers and I commend you for your hustle. ;)

Replied to thread: [Q] Making My Code More Maintainable?


I totally get that it can still be tough to keep things organized even when you're doing everything right. One thing that could help is regularly going through your code and cleaning it up, so it's easier to understand.


There are also tools that can help you visualize your code, which can make it easier to spot problem areas. If all else fails, don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can see something you missed.

Replied to thread: [REL] Hastebin API Wrapper

I must say, that is quite impressive. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors with Python programming. :)

Replied to thread: [Q] Making My Code More Maintainable?

One approach that may help is using design patterns and conventions to promote encapsulation and separation of concerns, making it easier to add new features. Also, implementing a consistent naming convention, file organization, and version control can aid in code maintenance.


It's also important to review your code regularly and take breaks to avoid burnout. Remember, code organization is an ongoing process and takes time and practice to develop good habits.