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Created a new thread : [CW] Kiwixcoke - Extortion/False Striking

Note: Despite this being posted on this account, this is not a troll post but a 100% serious situation that should be taken seriously. I simply want to remain anonymous to not be the next target of kiwixcoke.



1.0 Introduction


This CW focuses on the actions of Kiwixcoke, a popular YouTuber and former moderator of WeAreDevs. Kiwixcoke owns an exploit called Kiwi X, which is featured on the WeAreDevs frontpage. He has done several things that are not okay and even considered illegal. These include threatening people, using DMCA notices, and striking content creators who don't support his interests. To clarify, a strike is a penalty or warning that YouTube imposes on channels for violating their community guidelines or copyright policies. If you get 3 Strikes your entire youtube channel will get permanently deleted. His interests mainly involve YouTubers and exploit owners who promote Kiwi X, use his ad platform, and pay him a monthly fee. It's important to understand that these actions are completely inappropriate and against the law. Many people have been affected by Kiwixcoke's extortion, but they prefer to stay anonymous out of fear. However, I will mention a few examples of those who have agreed to share their experiences.



1.1 Example #1 - OrPlayz


I'd like to bring up an example that involves an individual who is not directly involved in the matter at hand. However, there has been clear and public evidence of Kiwi engaging in extortion for a significant period of time. What happened was that Kiwi took punitive actions against this person simply because they chose not to use ad-maven. In doing so, Kiwi compelled this individual to comply with their own interests, thereby forcing them to act against their own preferences and follow Kiwi's agenda.


Proof ->



1.2 Example #2 - V4mp


A YouTuber named V4mp hasn't directly communicated with Kiwi. However, Kiwi gave a strike to V4mp's channel to get their attention. The strike was not about guidelines or copyright, but to pressure V4mp into using Ad maven, a platform for monetizing videos. Since V4mp already had a strike, Kiwi's additional strikes resulted in the termination of their channel.



Proof ->



1.3 Example #3 - Lxnny


Lxnny owns approximately 40% of Delta and is actively overseeing its management. Without any formal agreement, he chose to prominently feature Kiwi X on his website as a direct advertisement. Several months later, Lxnny messaged Kiwi, expressing his intention to remove all exploits from the website as part of a revamp. Kiwi was deeply unhappy with this decision. Lxnny then warned Kiwi that if he removes Kiwi X from his site, delta would permanently not be able to get any better deal with admaven, which Delta was using at the time.



Proof ->



1.4 Example #4 - Furky


Although it's not the best example due to its personal nature, I feel it's important to mention it. Kiwi's house was targeted with an act of vandalism involving eggs, which is completely unacceptable and something I strongly condemn. This incident occurred while Furky and his friends were in Malta, and it turned out to be someone from Furky's group who was responsible. When Kiwi asked Furky about the incident, Furky refused to answer. As a result, Kiwi threatened Furky.



Proof ->



1.5 Example #5 - Zip Scripts



Zip Scripts, a YouTuber, was targeted by Kiwi too and followed his instructions regarding Admaven and Kiwi X. Kiwi promised that by following his instructions, Zip's strikes would be removed. However, Zip chose to reach out to Admaven about Kiwi afterward, which Kiwi didn't like.


Proof ->



1.6 Example #6 - Anonymous Youtuber (Lucas)



Lucas is also a YouTuber who prefers to remain anonymous, so I'm using the name Lucas instead of his real name. He is being compelled to pay a significant monthly penalty to prevent Kiwi (an entity) from issuing strikes against his channels. I have limited evidence to substantiate this claim because Lucas wants to maintain his anonymity, and revealing more details could potentially disclose his identity to Kiwi. (NOTE: THIS SCREENSHOT IS HEAVILY EDITED TO VEIL LUCAS' IDENTITY)


Proof ->




Created a new thread : Statement to Hyperions Official Release. - By Byfron CTO

Greetings esteemed members of the WeareDevs Community,


As many of you are likely aware, I am currently involved with the development of Hyperion, which has recently undergone a global rollout. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all Roblox users, I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to combating any attempts at cheating or exploitation of the platform.


To that end, I am pleased to announce that I will be personally dedicating my expertise towards reverse engineering any potential exploits that may arise in the future. Furthermore, we are actively working on the porting of Hyperion to other releases of Roblox, thereby expanding the scope of our efforts to promote a level playing field across all devices.


I wish to emphasize that Roblox maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating, and I wholeheartedly support their stance on this matter. Rest assured, we shall spare no effort in our pursuit of a safe, secure and enjoyable platform for all Roblox users.


In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes to any potential cheat developers out there. As they say, "good luck" - for indeed, they shall need it.


- 0xNemi


Replied to thread : Updates to the Roblox that are coming shortly

@VoidableMethod Please refer to what I previously said, You can feel free to contact an administrator. They will confirm my statement.

Created a new thread : Updates to the Roblox that are coming shortly

Hello WeAreDevs!


(I just realized that I had a typo in the title, my bad)

As some of you may know, I work on Hyperion, Byfron's newest Anti-Tamper. I am going to show the new progress of it frequently and the development has already started. Our newest idea is backing up the thread of every in-game script to prevent new scripts to spawn. This is done locally via your kernel and can not be "bypassed" easily. Here's a showcase of "print" being detected using the Lua Executor "Synapse X"

Replied to thread : We are excited to announce that Byfron is joining Roblox!

@VoidableMethod Hello! I've contacted an administrator called "CubeFaces" about it. It seems to be falsely flagged. I only operate under this account on 😅😅

Created a new thread : We are excited to announce that Byfron is joining Roblox!

As passionate gamers, we started Byfron as a team of engineers and hackers with an ambitious goal to improve the lives of gamers through software security. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Hyperion is a leading software solution aimed at tackling the difficult challenges associated with anti-cheat security


Roblox has a vision to reimagine the way people come together to connect, create and express themselves through immersive, interactive shared experiences. In August, 59+ million daily average users spent nearly 5 billion hours on Roblox. Their global community of developers is core to this success. All of the experiences you see on Roblox are built by Roblox's developer and creator community. We are excited to be joining a company where we have an enormous opportunity to apply our domain and security expertise to empower a new generation of developers and encourage them to dream big. 


We want to thank our friends, family and customers who have been with us through this journey. Roblox is democratizing content creation and providing developers and creators with unparalleled opportunities – safeguarding creators' hard work is an important part of this new journey. 


We will see you all on Roblox soon!