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Cxruppted (type cxver)

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not really active anymore


Hello! I like messing with Windows, Exploiting, and Playing with friends.


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Replied to thread : Cxruppted is back!

Good names! Yes this website is pretty dead :(

Created a new thread : Cxruppted is back!

Hi guys! It has been a while since i have posted. Mostly been busy with school and other stuff. Anyways, How is your day going? I also need some recommendations for an exploit name. (private). Anyways, What have i missed?



Replied to thread : Congrats Hiroku

Woooo! Congrats Hiroku!

Replied to thread : Hello! How are you today? / What you've been working on =)

1-Good im eating chex

2-Good cuz im seeing my cousins tomorrow 

3-Bad cuz i have to sit 2 hours in the car to get there


Replied to thread : Krnl won't execute script

Did you try deleting KRNL and then Redownloading it with antivirus off? If that doesnt work, then maybe you dont have one of the dependencies.

Replied to thread : what do you think of my new website !!!

Looks really nice! Nice job!

Replied to thread : wish me luck

Get well soon! You know my discord if u want to talk to me.

Replied to thread : Error Code 268

It means your exploit was detected. WRD api rn is mostly detected.

Replied to thread : Module 1 not found?

What executor you using?

Replied to thread : Should i get premium?

@Huddy Yes, i know

Created a new thread : Should i get premium?

Yes, Should i get it? I'm thinking about it, but it would only be for one month

Replied to thread : DeadWare (Script Hub)




Replied to thread : Scratch Password Generator

v o u c h, Epic work bro!