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Commented to thread : Source code release of a rust based roblox executor (the dll source)

Yep, assembly is used for stuff which roblox has inlined or going around retcheck. Some stuff in the end of the api file are unsused tho (never got around to adding custom functions)

Created a new thread : Source code release of a rust based roblox executor (the dll source)

Wrote this a year ago as a pet project, not updated for byfron or anything recent, granted it gives you a good idea of how to write a roblox exploit in Rust or work with low level primitives. I can patch up the source code if there's interest. Everything is written in rust (the only real "c++" in the source is a dependency called mlua which wraps the luau source code into a rust api, used to provide a way to compile scripts into bytecode).


Keep in mind its a messy source with a lot of comments for myself but can be helpful for you (never intended to actually release this or mantain it)

Replied to thread : [UPDATE] Winky 1.1 - The Best (and only) Rust Roblox Executor

I made a rust dll which has some barebones bypassing and script execution (can run infinity) a year ago and I think that showcases a bit more concretely the actual systems programming capabilities rust gives you (in comparison to c++). I can post the source code in anyones wants to see how you would do very low level programming with rust for a roblox exploit (inline assembly, unsafe stuff all over the place, naked functions, hooking virtual tables, tramboline, etc).


The true power rust gives you is that you can wrap the unsafe low level stuff in a safe api (once you have guaranteed their correctness) and that will help you long term in maintaining and in abstracting. Of course, I didn't do this with this dll as its a proof of concept and did it last summer as a pet project.


The dll is fully written in rust except from an imported library (mlua) which wraps the luau source code in a rust api so that I can compile luau scripts and modify its bytecode and of course, the winapi (Windows.h).

Replied to thread : Get size of occupants in array

Run a house with an arduino.. you do know how much ram arduino have, right? You cant do 100000 element array let alone initialize a million element one. You do embedded programming with arduinos and such not systems programming that big. 


My suggestion is to try with and Rpi (if thats possible) as it can handle a much heavier workload and be mindful of your resources.

Replied to thread : Get size of occupants in array

Instead of using an array use a vector ( I am assuming you want it to grow indefinitely), should do what you want easily. To achieve the behaviour you want with arrays is basically impossible except if you want to check a billion elements and you're also crossing to undefined behaviour territory.