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Im a coder but doesn't know everything about coding.


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Replied to thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

@JJSploitOnTop i meant with dll maker that someone makes a dll for me and i update it.

Replied to thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

@JJSploitOnTop what for like 800 dollars?

Created a new thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

Ill buy a good dll like krnl without any key system for 100 USD or euro's.

Replied to thread: RayField UI Library

@Haruka i mean the rayfield ui library icon size. For roblox.

Replied to thread: RayField UI Library

@Cyros I edited rayfield ui with a cool key system and not the build in one. But thanks anyways!

Replied to thread: Rate my WPF UI

Nice! 7.5/10 if you like it.

Created a new thread: RayField UI Library

So i created a script with rayfield ui library but when i want to add icons they dont show up can someone help me out?


Btw what size does the icon/image be in pixels or whatever?

Replied to thread: Execute script form tabs

I haven't been coding a long time ago. So declare it before or whatever i forgot alot of things.


Replied to thread: Execute script form tabs

so you mean text = WeAreDevsLibrary.SendLuaScript(); you mean that?

Created a new thread: Execute script form tabs

So if i select the current tab with the avalon text editor (im going to add monaco) and i have some code: WeAreDevsLibrary.SendLuaScript(text);


            TabItem selectedTab = tabDynamic.SelectedItem as TabItem;

            TextEditor textEditor = selectedTab.Content as TextEditor;


            string text = textEditor.Text;


The code of wearedevslibrary.sendluascript(text) then the local variable  gives a error this is the error (cannot use local variable before it is declared) Can someone help me out?

Replied to thread: VMProtectSDK32.dll was not found