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Created a new thread: Universal Coordinate Teleport Script with Coordinate Viewer








IMPORTANT:  To Update the Coordinates on the Top just go in to First Person after that just zoom back and the coordinates get updated.


The Script is made by me and its open source so you can use it and make it better.


I would be Happy if you would write that the source is made by me THX.

Created a new thread: Dresden, Germany [0.48] INF Money Script

Important: First you need to get into the Police Team after that just Execute the Script.


Game Link:




for i = 0 , 10000 do


local ohString1 = "2020 Wolfsburg Passat Police"

local ohString2 = "Marked"


game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.SelectPoliceStarterCar:FireServer(ohString1, ohString2)





local ohString1 = "car_1"


game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.SellCar:FireServer(ohString1) end

Replied to thread: $olitary Radio Music Play Script

@59853Thx its one of mi first Scripts wich makes something useful :)

Replied to thread: $olitary Radio Music Play Script

@Moon Do you mean with Server Sided that everyone can hear the music when yes than my answer is. Yes everyone can hear the music

Created a new thread: $olitary Radio Music Play Script

--Where it says NAME put Your Name


local String1 = "Play"

local String2 = "6241468924" --Here Music ID


game.workspace.NAMECar.DriveSeat.PlayMusic:FireServer(String1, String2)





Made it for fun :)