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Replied to thread : I got scammed by Maya_IsTheName#5616


1) Zera

2) Laxion 

3) Rice

Although zera does not do back end however his understanding of themes is just perfect as he knows exactly how to match the theme ur asking for.

Replied to thread : I got scammed by Maya_IsTheName#5616

when it comes to UIs you only hire these 3 ( Zera, Laxion and Ricecracker ) anyone else is just not as good as them. you only tell em what u ave in mind and they design it for u.

As for this dev i honestly never seen him before 

Replied to thread : [Cw] Rexi/Alawapr/Moonzy - DDoSing and Botting WRD

who even cares about him at this point. the kid is some turkish 15 yr old that struggles to pay for his education and cant even use google to learn a bit of history about his own religion. with all due respect but he is just another lost cause.

Replied to thread : We are excited to announce that Byfron is joining Roblox!

is it too late to invest in Byfron 

Replied to thread : My Apology for my Recent Actions

@stupidddd ur mother was indeed nice. what a shameful child he is for insulting her smh

Replied to thread : [CW] Encorrupted&DEVILISHCRYPT Is Scamming & Leaking People Ip

current CWs are legit pointless and boring lol. It was much more entertaining during 2020.

Replied to thread : Roblox is adding a better Anti exploit

The last time they did such a thing, exploits were patched for 1 week. It depends on your DLL dev or which API you use.


Most DLL developers gather and try to bypass it together then everything goes back to normal.


On special occasion, some feature get taken away due to the recent updates.

Replied to thread : [Upcoming] Nekto

@Whoman Honestly idk how u think that's a roadmap when it only displays the progress of youur exploit's updates.

this is our roadmap:


Replied to thread : [Upcoming] Nekto


Created a new thread : [Upcoming] Nekto

Replied to thread : [CW] 0x12/Frosty and his skidded script hub, Frosty Hub

Rexi is hot 


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Replied to thread : [Rel] Kato API

@WallyRBLX It does, i just dont have it on docs

Replied to thread : [Rel] Kato API

@BlixerCore  lmfao working on it rn, just allow me to finish my chem class

Replied to thread : [Rel] Kato API

Ik many things are so many info missing but we are working on it!

Any issues you guys come across or any negative things you might have found please do inform us on our discord server, with the help of the community we can easily make this API the greatest.