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account barely being used to download exploits only or to help


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Replied to thread : [HELP] Any ui libs?


Im guessing you shouldnt try it since it may kick you from the game since the combability would get the ui lib detected. just use the new ui lib i gave u


and il add more ui libs overtime


Replied to thread : [HELP] Any ui libs?

try editing the code to work on other exploits if not maybe i might find another ui


or you can try adding a synapse combability script then execute the script and see if that bypasses it

additionally You can try core gui ui libs like this one and it works for normal exploits too

Replied to thread : [HELP] Any ui libs?

i was able to run this ui lib without any kicks. 

Its a csgo inspired!


Replied to thread : Should i post my executer?


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Replied to thread : pls help chrome is blockin my downloads

@Jebxnt He is saying it is virus detected not when chrome blocks it, when google blocks it, it simply gives you a warning that it blocked it. when it gives you the virus detected it means some software or extension removed it. the diffrence:  -- google blocks it where you press ctrl+J to allow it --- this means some program removed it not google blocking


See if you have any extension that has a file scanner in it on chrome, if you dont. go to control panel and see if there is any antivirus software and uninstall it and make sure windows defender is turned off

Replied to thread : Rate Ui be honest

basic ui no rating 0.0/10

Replied to thread : Krackions Executor Release 1.3 (NO KEY + ByFron Bypass included )

Bro made a bypass on something that doesnt exsist yet, with it also having wrd api 

Replied to thread : Today, Fluxus and krnl is not working

@VoidableMethod roblox updated 2 days ago meaning it has nothing to do with what you said bc its updated, it was updated 2 days ago u can check here

Replied to thread : Today, Fluxus and krnl is not working

@VoidableMethod another part of people not knowing what they are talking about, roblox never updated krnl was updated like 2 days ago lol

Replied to thread : About the new Roblox Ac

You have no idea what your talking about it didnt even come out and you dont know anything about the anticheat.

Replied to thread : [for skids!!] jailbreak & more games walkspeed bypass!!!

damn the code is pretty small for a jailbreak bypass vouch tho

Replied to thread : We are excited to announce that Byfron is joining Roblox!

shut up kid 

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Replied to thread : I'm disappointed

script ware owner will probably stay silent till the anticheat actually drops.

Replied to thread : About Roblox's new anti cheat

Unlike some other games like Fortnite etc, Roblox was a game that you can basically not worry about getting banned if you cheat on unless a banwave comes or you just get banned in a speficit game, if they gonna add this anticheat i dont know if it can still be that



Apparently it bans you if it detects any cheating software in your computer so does that mean we have to delete all exploit files we have when the anticheat comes out?

Replied to thread : JJSploit V7 Suggestions

And update the features it has, some of them are broken