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Created a new thread : Buying/Cashing out Limited Roblox Items

Hey, I don't know if this is the right place to post it.

Anyway, I'm buying roblox limited items for high rates. Maybe you have some old item that you bought for 25 robux, and I'm willing to give you $115 for it. Just hit me up on discord: Lxnny#4142

Replied to thread : Best exploit in 2022?

Wow, Hi Parker, long time no see

Created a new thread : My Discord account got deleted/Delta Server Deleted

My new tag is Lxnny#4142 

Deltas discord got deleted with 5k+ members were soon going to fully setup the new server

(littlekiller add me asap on your new acc)

Created a new thread : Sorry everyone

Hello most of you people dont like me and im sorry for my past i have done lots of mistakes and im sorry for it. Im back here because of a drama and i dont wanna get involved. I most likely wrote this message to tell yall i have changed im not the retarded lxnny i used to be and ill hope you can forgive me. Sorry to everyone i harmed and i hope you give me another chance. I made this account to share my last words to everyone, thanks for this awesome experience on wrd but now its time to move on.

Thanks for reading Lxnny/Lenny


Replied to thread : Delta is now front page!

thank you alot :D i really appreciate it


Replied to thread : [RATE] How does My UI Look?

hawt i was held at gunpoint

Replied to thread : Best free exploit?

@KLUTZYY anemo winning 💪

Replied to thread : Community Warning | Imperious , Scamming / Selling WRD Places

@0x777_ the things that happend werent 2 months ago only the payment, the solid date he gave us way yesterday

Created a new thread : Community Warning | Imperious , Scamming / Selling WRD Places

V3rm Repost:

Hello, most of you dont know me since im new here.
first at all im Lxnny and i own the exploit "Delta" with my friend LittleKiller.

2 months ago we were buying a dll of Imperious (for 200$)

after we paid him he told us that we would need to wait 3h and some info about the dll

later then he told us that he is going to add the exploit on wrd

we waited some time and he always came up with excuses that his pc broke, theres a hurricane where he lives, his internet doesnt work, roblox doesnt load for him etc.
when we waited 1 month he didnt even reply anymore

now we said he has his last chance for the dll or we want a refund of the money

he still doesnt reply (even tho hes online)

thats it, sorry for my bad english and the bad cw, just dont deal with that guy.

Replied to thread : [New] Gizmo- Free Roblox exploit

@OrbitRBX im not on wrd anymore i just got sent multiple threads in my dms

Replied to thread : [ASK] Search of Api

try anemo its the best one 

Replied to thread : [New] Gizmo- Free Roblox exploit

@OrbitRBX download it and u will understand xd

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] Anemo Executor with great design and a CUSTOM API! [No Key System!]


first at all the Treeview script list looks like Ducxy's

the icons used in are modified (colors, contrast, added details) icons8 icons, and ducxys uses the default windows icons, besides that the

treeview code is also not ducxys their mine.

the tabs in this were made around 1 week before teri even posted the ui selling thread and include animations + a different button style so it cant be teris.


the things like big sidebars, huge logos etc were special wishs by subwayz aka the owner of anemo, but yea im gonna change the button order soon dw


If you legitimately bought 2 UIs for Anemo

no parts of the ui are bought everything in this was made by me (my friend helped me at the treeview).