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Immune on top still

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Cheers bruz thanks for your help

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Anything under 700$ 

And i live in Australia 

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Thank you so much   

some recommendations would be awesome. cheers 

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I've had internet for a good 11 years and it's started to slow down ALOT.  I don't use an ethernet cable atm because I don't have the port in my wall yet. It used to be 40mbps now its fluctuating between 200kbps - 5mbps. So I looked at the back of my router and all the ethernet cord things that are connected to it are more bent then a gay dude in a gay bar.


So I was wondering if I should replace the cables, buy a new router or both because well its pretty old and I'm sure the technology has changed a fair bit since 2012.


The router I believe I have is a Technicolor TG797n v3  [info here] (its what the internet company gave us) And their support line people are the most useless people to exist. any help would be great as I'm Absolutly clueless about this stuff. Cheers

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Undoubtedly the Xbox 360 but Ps2 was also dope only played the ps3 at friends

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Nice /charss

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Ayeee my mannnn

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who are youuuu

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I remember you, you cool

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"lots of interesting things happening like immune no has mod because sirweeb misinformation :pensive:"- salad man