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Replied to thread : [2ND CW] - Kiwixcoke | The Entire Situation Got Worse

Never really liked this dude, My friends always had beef with him and I never really considered him a nice person. Both CWs are good.

Commented to thread : anti-afk v2 | in development

Fair enough, good points, The price would be an eh but good luck ahead.

Replied to thread : anti-afk v2 | in development

whats stopping me from just getting a random macro that clicks on my screen every minute? instead of paying 15$ for an anti-afk
an autoclicker does not need alot of resources either, even if you add the explorer it wont be worth the 15$/week, synapse will be cheaper overall lmao but good luck on the sell!


Commented to thread : [SELLING] IL2CPP SDK FOR ANY GAME

theres already many documentaries, sources etc that provide the necessary info for FREE.

Commented to thread : [SELLING] IL2CPP SDK FOR ANY GAME

and what will i learn exactly from buying your bad src

Commented to thread : [SELLING] IL2CPP SDK FOR ANY GAME

i make cheats for those games lmfao, literally made ones for games like pixel gun which has one of the best acs ever lmfao

Replied to thread : [SELLING] IL2CPP SDK FOR ANY GAME

borderline useless and not worth 25$ lool

Replied to thread : [MAJOR UPDATE] Hydrogen

very good very good (im being held gun point)

Replied to thread : Are these PC parts good?

The PC will be more than enough to run those apps thanks to the cpu and ram which those apps tend to use, discord might lag cause of the igpu, but if you wanna work on something more intensive like video editing or even gaming, you'll need to consider getting a gpu.

Replied to thread : sirhurt...i think

@pierre_spookI'm not a pedophile and you base your evidence on a thread made by an OP who can't even address flaws pointed out in the so called 'evidence' in replies, you rant about how SirHurt can't run this or that and yet it can, and it's even more estonishing that you claim to own SirHurt and aren't even aware of what it's capable of as if you haven't actually used it before. People like you spread false information and force others to believe it and can't even properly answer critism in your posts/claims without trying to sway the topic. I'm not even going to bother replying anymore as this is a huge waste of my time.

Replied to thread : SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

You really do think you are special just because you have a group of friends who will slap negative reputation on someone. Imagine caring about reputation, you have fun with that. It does not bother me whether my rep is positive or negative. I've literally had -250 reputation at once in the past so it blows me away that you think I would even begin to care about -2 to -20 reputation on here. That's nothing even close to what I've seen. I haven't even made an attempt to appeal a single reputation I've gotten thusfar and you think that would be enough of a hint that I really couldn't give a toot.

Replied to thread : SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015

@64418Im afraid you're going to have to suck my balls off now


-20 when?