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I'm the developer of Rapid Cheats (previously Shadow Cheats) and Shadow.


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Created a new thread : Roblox is likely going to start suing cheat developers.

There have been some image leaks from RDC 2023 where Roblox specifically states their plans for deterrents. One of those deterrents includes legal action. This could be catastrophic for the cheat developing community considering we're at risk for a lawsuit. Be careful ya'll.

Commented to thread : Hyperion has been officially bypassed.

Print exploit? You have no clue what you're talking about. So you're better off just not saying anything.

Commented to thread : New Executor (100% UNC)

Seems like you're on edge. Did you finally write getcallbackvalue without writing a fake function in lua that (by the way) would fail the UNC test. It's hilarious that you're still going on.

Commented to thread : [PRE-RELEASE] Liquid V1.0 - HALF CUSTOM DLL

What? You do realize "working around/going around" is the definition of bypass.

Replied to thread : Release | Kronos v4 | More Powerful Then Fluxus | #1 Keyless Executor | Web Script Hub

If your module is "custom" then why are you overwriting "identifyexecutor" and why is the user-agent on your request function "WRD"- This is far from custom. Stop lying.


getgenv().setclipboard = function(clipboardtxt)
    writefile("setclipboard.reader", tostring(clipboardtxt))

getgenv().identifyexecutor = function()
    return "Kronos UWP"

getgenv().getexecutorname = function()
    return "Kronos UWP"

getgenv().getscriptclosure = function(targetScript)
    for _, regEntry in pairs(getreg()) do
        if type(regEntry) == "table" then
            for _, funcEntry in pairs(regEntry) do
                if type(funcEntry) == "function" and getfenv(funcEntry) and rawget(getfenv(funcEntry), "script") == targetScript then
                    return funcEntry


getgenv().syn_mouse1press = mouse1press
getgenv().syn_mouse2click = mouse2click
getgenv().syn_mousemoverel = movemouserel
getgenv().syn_mouse2release = mouse2up
getgenv().syn_mouse1release = mouse1up
getgenv().syn_mouse2press = mouse2down
getgenv().syn_mouse1click = mouse1click
getgenv().syn_newcclosure = newcclosure
getgenv().syn_clipboard_set = setclipboard
getgenv().syn_clipboard_get = getclipboard
getgenv().syn_islclosure = islclosure
getgenv().syn_iscclosure = iscclosure
getgenv().table.lock = makereadonly
getgenv().table.islock = isreadonly
getgenv().table.unlock = makewriteable
getgenv().syn_getsenv = getsenv
getgenv().syn_getscripts = getscripts
getgenv().syn_getgenv = getgenv
getgenv().syn_getinstances = getinstances
getgenv().syn_getreg = getreg
getgenv().syn_getrenv = getrenv
getgenv().syn_getnilinstances = getnilinstances
getgenv().syn_fireclickdetector = fireclickdetector
getgenv().syn_getgc = getgc

Replied to thread : What's a script that people flex that their DLL or exploit supports?

Having Shadow's module is the best flex.

Replied to thread : Overview of the Shadow & Nihon Rewrite

I've made some pretty good progress with the Nihon team. Shouldn't be much longer before a release.

Replied to thread : Why you should switch to Delta NOW

"We proudly offer the best execution of free executors available."


This is far fetched if you think Showerhead and iDev's module is the best on the market. Even my fellow friend (Co) has a better module for Electron. "One of the best" - This could be true, but most definitely not the best.


No hate to ya'll if you take it that way. Just saying what I believe in comparison to what should be utilized and what can be utilized as an alternative. I definitely think you should look into other means to developing your own project however. Developers like myself are always welcomed to inviting new developers into learning and helping along the way.

Commented to thread : Overview of the Shadow & Nihon Rewrite

@eb_ More like too much real life work to maintain-sploit. Being a firefighter doesn't make writing and maintaining exploits easy.

Commented to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

It's going very well, we're very close to releasing the project publicly.

Replied to thread : Overview of the Shadow & Nihon Rewrite

Just finished some very important functions. I'm working on some more as we speak, you should expect a functional project pretty soon.

Created a new thread : Overview of the Shadow & Nihon Rewrite

I've teamed up with the developers of Nihon to bring WeAreDevs two fantastic products. We have been programming functions and perfecting the exploit base to bring this project out with perfect stability. Our goal is to reach 100% UNC (despite the bugs), we're about a quarter of the way there. I'll also be implementing some functions that aren't a part of UNC as well to help developers better develop their scripts with ease that will only work on Shadow or Nihon that use these functions that I won't disclose quite yet.


Our injector is also one of the best injectors out there as well. It's quick and sets everything for you with ease.


We're still actively working on implementing functions (most tedious ones first), so it's a "work in progress" type thing. If any of you are interested in more information soon, you can join both discords here.




Replied to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

I've been working many hours on Shadow's rewrite and safe to say, it's going very well. I'm working towards 100% UNC and then I'll release the download on WeAreDevs.

Replied to thread : [Tutorial] Exploiting post Byfron

Shadow and Nihon will be the best projects available for the Microsoft Store App.

Replied to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

I'm currently rewriting Shadow with the help of fellow developers who will be sharing the module with me. I've rewritten quite a bit of it, including custom functions. Currently working on bringing this out as one of the best free cheats on WeAreDevs.