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Commented to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

can I haz, please?

Replied to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

So, uh, update.

3dsboy got doxed recently, You know where to find em.

Created a new thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

After years of operations, years of contributing the community, Synapse has joined the Roblox staff team on the Anti Cheat division That's right, it has been confirmed by Bitdancer on the Roblox Dev forums that Roblox has an open partnership with Synapse Softworks LLC (basically what owns Synapse)


What's your thoughts about this?

Replied to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

saw you asking for help on how to reinstall nvidia driver on re1oop's reply.


Here's some instructions to follow:

- Go download Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and save it somewhere in your computer.

- Restart your pc and go to Safe Mode

- Open DDU where you did installed it

- Uninstall the driver

- Restart again

- Download the required graphic driver 


You can also use technique if your graphic driver become haywire.

Replied to thread : Our friend Lux14

Raisin' A Cup


Another fallen one, another to the statistics.


Hopefully I'm not the next one...


Rest easy friend. 

Created a new thread : Domain Registration

As per title, I need some recommendations to register domains, free ones like Freenom. Really need one for my Cloud Computing class.


Thank you very much.

Replied to thread : What's the best quote you've ever heard?


"Don't let the flame of yourself being extinguished by thyself. Your fault is not as equal as theirs, and their faults are not equal as yours."

Replied to thread : Question Of the Night V2

I only had a handheld, which is PSP...

Replied to thread : Paste whatever is on your clipboard




Replied to thread : Rate my windowsforms UI

pretty cool!


Replied to thread : Add a music section

vouch so I can share some beats/songs I've made

Replied to thread : feeding the skids


Replied to thread : Stepping back from moderation

After all these years, good things must've come to an end. I'm not really an OG myself but being around here with like minded individuals is fun even though we had our own differences. To see four of you grew up while being here is wholesome to me.

Hopefully the stars will align for your future endeavours.


Salute to all four of you, Funtimes, Allen, Cuby and most obviously Computer. Someday, when the Universe allow us, we'll meet again.

Replied to thread : Valentines Day

heh, alone again this year...

Replied to thread : How's everyone doing

Fallen into the eternal void.