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Replied to thread: JJSploit section

There is a section for that, it's called complaints.

Replied to thread: Essay on why test_bot2 should come back

No go away stinky 🤬

Replied to thread: Kronos - (Update v1.04) FREE! | No Key Sys | Huge Script Hub | Many Other Features Also

@ItsNitro, some people have their account name as their real names. You really don't need to log all of this to track an accurate amount of users

Replied to thread: New Account

@JJSploit_On_Top my lawyer advised me to not comment on that

Created a new thread: New Account

so discord has something personal against me, they disabled 3 accounts of mine in a month for no clear reason.

so uh yeah add my new account: ******

They unbanned me so I'm back on: Cuby#8035

Replied to thread: Add a music section

Use hangout 

Replied to thread: Stepping back from moderation

It's been fun handling everything. See you guys when I see u

Replied to thread: Fibonacci series

Almost believed the man with a stock photo to be a senior developer

Replied to thread: WRD premium giveaway

Give or your account might get deleted by accident 😳

Replied to thread: Advice for my friend

@OyAdonis they probably not interested in you or maybe they know you only paid the other hookers 20 bucks

Replied to thread: Re-Addressing Medusa's Address

Hiroku deleted it by accident u clown 🤡

Replied to thread: Congrats, Nickk!

@atariXD ur use of commas disgusts me 

Replied to thread: Congrats, Nickk!

Congrats to nickk