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Ceo And Founder Of Galaxy Hub, Used Kavo And Venyx Library 4+ games Scripthub's Scripts In My Github And SomeOther In My Discord Server And Has A ServerSided Not fully Coded


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Commented to thread : [Rate] Rewrite Xniper

thanks best rate ever

Commented to thread : [Rate] Rewrite Xniper





no  hehehe


Created a new thread : [Rate] Rewrite Xniper

rate out of 10

its not finished yet



Replied to thread : rarest usename on WeAreDevs?

i have best username 'hosted"

Replied to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

lets skid skiddy skiddy

Commented to thread : [RATE] WEBSITE

ok dislikey

Replied to thread : How can i get the comet or celery api and make a exploit with it?

the ui sucks i can make that in 1 second

Created a new thread : [HELP] EXCEPTION

hello i get this error on visual studio when i exit my exploit (Xniper)

Commented to thread : Search History ;)

same as me :D i have that history lol

Replied to thread : [RATE UI] Zelda V2!

1/10 /charsssssssss


Replied to thread : WeAreDevs Record Of Rep

be skid and toxic and u get -1billion rep :)

Commented to thread : [Selling] Argon UI

lol /charsssss

Replied to thread : [Update] Changing of Names

Zestra is an arousal gel for women that claims to increase se_ual pleasure.

Replied to thread : [Selling] Argon UI

take 30 dollars :D