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Replied to thread : What's going on with Coco Z?

It's sad, but since nothing could be done about it. By the way Comet is holding up well? If Byfron comes out, what do you think could happen? And of course, what do you think about Byfron? This is so off the subject of Coco Z.

Replied to thread : What's going on with Coco Z?

So nothing could be done with the DLL? I don't know if I remember correctly, but there was currently work-in-progress on the Coco Z5?

Replied to thread : What's going on with Coco Z?

I liked a lot of things about Coco Z, working functions and practically zero game crashes/when executing some scripts.
The Discord-community was also a very nice experience for me.

To this day I remember when I used Coco first-time and it was the best choice. Very sad that the project is discontinued :/
It seems to me that Coco also had its own DLL, or am I wrong?

(Of course I know you are the creator of Comet. I will say that - I occasionally use Comet for myself)

Created a new thread : What's going on with Coco Z?

Does anyone knows what is going on with Coco Z and if it will be a continuing project? or its discontinued exploit? Coco Z was, in my opinion, one of the best executor until almost a year or two ago, and now it has disappeared from wrd at all :/