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Will You Buy A Used Vacuum Cleaner?

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Second-hand vacuum cleaners are all over the world. However, what is a good vacuum? Is it a worthy investment?


What is the truth behind the refurbished and used vacuum cleaners? Now, let's discover their advantages and disadvantages to know if you should make a purchase.


Benefits of buying a secondhand vacuum cleaner


If the following reasons are what you care about, you had better buy a used vacuum cleaner:


It’s environmentally-friendly


Most of the best vacuum cleaners on the market are made from non-biodegradable materials. For example, plastic is made from oil, so it will produce harmful gases while manufacturing. If where you live doesn't have a nice waste management system and institution, throwing a used model into dumping ground is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, purchasing a used product in good condition is a useful way to protect our planet. Moreover, you contribute to minimizing non-biodegradable materials that will be used to manufacture a new model.


The price is low


This is the most common reason why everyone wants to buy a used vacuum cleaner. If the previous owner of the used model uses it in a pretty long time, you can buy it as low as 20% of a new model. You can save a lot of money on other things. Is it great?


What's a great deal? What is a good vacuum cleaner?


It is a used unit without being abused. This means that it uses with little or no maintenance. 


You make a contribution to improving the local economy


If you want to buy a used vacuum cleaner, I advise you to visit an actual store instead of searching on the Internet.




You can test the performance of a specific product as well as check out the state. Taking this action helps you improve the local economy.


Drawbacks of purchasing a used vacuum cleaner


When buying a second-hand vacuum cleaner, you will be in the face of some negative aspects, which reviews on best vacuum cleaners don't mention.


Check Here:


You can’t use a new vacuum cleaner


It is too obvious. Why do I mention? Is it essential? Now, it's time to discover the details:


When purchasing a secondhand model, the huge opportunity is that you must face with sub-par performance. Over time, some parts of vacuum cleaners start to be worn out due to the lack of maintenance.


In some cases, you can bring the origin performance level back by cleaning the whole model, especially its filters thoroughly. If impossible, try to repair or replace the broken parts. If your effort is useless, you might need to spend your money on buying new replacements that can be out of your budget. Instead, it's better to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.


The durability is low


Any product has its own lifespan. For example, the previous owner of your old vacuum cleaner has used it for 5/10 years. You can expect to use 2-3 years before purchasing a new one.


You are stressful when buying a second-hand machine


In most cases, new vacuum cleaners don't have any issues. Even if you have a problem, you can contact the manufacturer to ask for help. The customer service support team will give you either a refund or replacement. What you have to check a new product are the price and its performance and features. But, to know if a used vacuum still works well, you must check it in many aspects. It would help if you collected your thoughts in advance because there may be some small shortcomings you need to live with.


You have limited choices


A new vacuum cleaner usually has some choices of colors, sizes, and styles, but most sellers have only one used vacuum.  It would be best if you bought it or not, and there isn't more choice. In some cases, the old vacuum cleaner still works great, but it doesn't meet your requirement of tastes and preferences.


You don’t have a warranty


What is the best rated vacuum cleaner?


It should come with a warranty.


The majority of new vacuum cleaners come with warranty coverage for some parts. In particular, a few manufacturers provide money-back guarantees. But, you can't get this guarantee when buying a used model. In case there is any defect, you have to accept them without saying anything.


So, is buying a used vacuum cleaner a worthy investment?


If you know how to choose a used vacuum cleaner properly, you will surely have a worthy investment.


Here is an example:


Usually, it would help if you spent hundreds on buying a new Dyson or a Shark - 2 best vacuum cleaners in the world, but it only takes you under 100 bucks for a used one.


Purchasing a used model requires you to sacrifice some essential things, such as warranty and longevity.


When checking to buy a secondhand vacuum cleaner, make sure that there are no clogs because you might need to spend a lot of money on cleaning and repairing them. Therefore, I highly recommend you pick up a bagged vacuum, which rarely has this problem. Some reliable brands include Oreck, Panasonic, and Miele.


You should reconsider buying a used unit for carpet because this type of surface requires a lot of suction power. However, some old devices can't provide the original machines with plenty of power after a specific time of use. 


After reading until these sentences, if you can't accept the negative aspects of a used model, let you consider certified refurbished vacuums. These types of vacuum cleaners mean that the manufacturers have repaired them before they put their products back on sale. Thus, in the event of this purchase, you will have a great reconditioned product, good warranty coverage, and nice customer service.


What is a vacuum cleaner?


Whether you choose a new or used vacuum cleaner, it must help you fulfill all cleaning tasks properly. That is enough.



Have you chosen a great used vacuum cleaner? Why did you choose it? Simply leave a comment in the section below.

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