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Is buying this SSD a good investment?


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Hey, so my 220GB drive is getting full pretty quickly with the amount of vs project i make and I've been thinking about buying a bigger drive. (I also wanna have more games at the same time lol)

It's name is GOODRAM 1TB 2,5" SATA SSD CX400
The price is 44usb / 36gbp

This is the image:

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ssds are worth it, ive seen games where having them installed on hdds makes them pretty slow, also im no hardware expert but im pretty sure hdds can say goodnight one day and loose all your data which i dont think happens to ssds


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I have an SSD, and I think they are worth it.

First to say, that SSD's are way faster, and better for future proofing, as HDs are now outdated. You will notice a huge difference when booting off an SSD to windows, it will only take like 5 seconds, versus an HD which will take way longer. Not only in windows but also games, and applications.

I would recommend getting one

If you want a faster SSD though, I would get an M.2 Drive, a pretty good one are the samsung ones, and they go for around 50-100 dollars, depending on the model

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Yes, SSDs can be a good investment, but I recommend purchasing a NVMe disk, if your PC supports that. To be specific, I recommend you this one (from a Polish shop, since I see your language is Polish):

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