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how would i make a menu navigate using the arrow keys in WPF C#

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So I wanted to make a little menu that I can inject into a game for roblox but I want the arrow keys to navigate it can someone help me because I suck at C# like really bad please help on wrd or my discord if you know it

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i say im gay as a joke 🙀

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bro ask chatgpt, im not lying, just chatgpt itself can get you very far, ive used chatgpt to help me learn C and its been very useful


not trying to add useless replies but this is just something that people need to know (i am also guilty of making "useless" threads)


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bruh Content length must 10-5000

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Thanks for the advice. 

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You can manually implement it yourself as Ethan suggested, but at least if you're working with WPF, it already has selection of elements.

Still manually implementing seems like the better and most customizable option here though, so do whatever is most convenient for you.

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