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My Final Goodbye

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Hello, This is Nam3.


I am just here to apoglogize for what I recently did. I was given chances by many others, but I ruined them. So I will be leaving WRD for good.

Its only fair that I own up to my mistakes and leave WRD as thats what I promised


Maybe in a couple of years when I mature I can come back but until those years come by I will be leaving for good.


PS: Thank you to Atari, Bennytrt, Alternate, and JJ for the chances. I again apologize and this is my final goodbye.

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stop take my rice


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Still gonna give you chances to improve because everyone can be a good person, they just have to want to and put the effort in to improve themselves. I know that you can be more than a good person, because I've seen that side of you. Until then though, goodbye.


(also amazing username lmfao, and yes I +repped, maybe one day you'll see why)

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test_bot2 is back


please stop taking my rice i need it to breathe

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I know what you did was wrong, but it seems you have tried to mature overtime. But, a lot of people have given you SEVERAL CHANCES to improve, yet you ignore these chances and continue to act 5.

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may not have been that fair towards you, i still will give u chances to improve, 

im thankfull for what u did for me :)

stay strong, brother - bennytrt/soulzay

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Blah blah bs.

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Casual Femboy Agent


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boo hoo leave, stop watching cp you sick bastard

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Don't come back

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jano wearedevs (Leave WeAreDevs in nepalese)

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Don't come back and get some help.

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leave forever

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gtfo of here you sick bastard

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Just leave already, we don't care

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Atom Owner, coming soon!


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I understand that you apologized, i kinda accept it, but i believe you need to leave wearedevs and get some time to change and maybe come back if you want, but still, saying you liked cp is just unacceptable, and overall disgusting! But hey you decide if you want to change, i can't decide that for you.

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@Zera, most common zera W

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leave this forum already you sick CP watcher, turn to christ instead of begging for forgiveness.

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