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Created a new thread : So remember how I was the jagged rounded edges winforms guy?

winforms smooth rounded edges with low cpu, ram.

Replied to thread : I hope someone bypasses Byfron soon.

it has been bypassed already though

Created a new thread : free executor i found 2024 may
has most of functions you'd want.
runs iy and owl hub nicely.

I'm locking the thread so no bots will reply.

Replied to thread : The devs should hire hackers for bypassing the roblox anti cheat system

Your insights have been a real game-changer, offering a profound perspective on the intricacies of cheat development. It's truly mind-blowing to grasp your opinion on this situation.





that was a joke if you dont get it

Replied to thread : The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.

the api has been outdated for months now.
and as of my knowledge all public free apis and dlls are dead

Commented to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

ive seen some public bypass use luaengine and mod cheat engine, thats cool

Commented to thread : why are there ai bots on wrd?

i think they used cloudflare rather than recaptcha because of costs

Created a new thread : why are there ai bots on wrd?

prob because of it being open source but does anyone know why this is a thing?
i can see why this would be profitable for the person, but why here?

Replied to thread : please help...

wdym how to open dll?
i mean, you can try decompiling whatever dll you're talking about in dnspy or dotpeek or something, but a dll is a compiled file and isn't made to be opened but give programs functionality

edit: okay, so you're talking about wearedevsDLL, probably... so the dll hasn't been working for a long time now and it probably will be like that for months

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

Skibidi toilet to sandbox MMO RPG w którym to ty piszesz własną historię zamiast podążać wytyczoną ścieżką

Commented to thread : My 'Offical' Announcement of My Departure.

last time i cooked i lit the kitchen on fire

Replied to thread : Rate my exploit UI

It looks around 7/10 imo.
I see what you wanted to do here, but the sizing is inconsistent.
Try making the execute button shorter.
We can't really rate it, because it isn't finished yet, however it looks like you could make something solid out of this.
It's good man keep it up.