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Commented to thread : need ideas for the name of the exploit

@TAIKL no shxt and idk russian

Created a new thread : Is buying this SSD a good investment?

Hey, so my 220GB drive is getting full pretty quickly with the amount of vs project i make and I've been thinking about buying a bigger drive. (I also wanna have more games at the same time lol)

It's name is GOODRAM 1TB 2,5" SATA SSD CX400
The price is 44usb / 36gbp

This is the image:

Replied to thread : lack of updates

naw bro im bouta kms

Commented to thread : (BUG) Link leading to nonexistent page.

ye just pointed that out since it would be stuck in my head if i didnt raport this

Replied to thread : I understand that this will sound brazen..

more exploits counterweights their quality

Created a new thread : (BUG) Link leading to nonexistent page.

Yeah so if you go to the scripts category on the website (not the forum!) and press the text link thing it will lead you to a nonexistent page.

Replied to thread : [Release] KAPI | Free Keyless Working Exploit API

i mean its unallowed use of fluxus api, but you do you

Commented to thread : full fledged execution on byfron/hyperion (around 40% done)

tum dud udu um
turt ututud  du udu dud mmm utd utdu tdt m
tud utdu tdm tdu tdurur mudr murdmr

Replied to thread : Will the api have uwp support soon?

with uwp hyperion coming, i don't know if it's worth it atm for them

Replied to thread : Roblox process not found ? what can i do

@frantex as i said, recently, many exploits broke down/stopped being developed.
it's going to be hard to find an executor for a while now, because hyperion was literally added to uwp(ms store) version.
roblox is doing a great move in terms of trying to get rid of cheaters.
concluding, i dont really have any recommendations for you, since the executor i was using (comet) has stopped being worked on
and others just dont feel the same.