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Replied to thread: How Ä° make LoadingScreenUI

await Task.Delay(1000);

label1.Text = "Loading Skidsploit X";

progressBar1.Value = 20;


and just copy and paste this over and over again and change the value and text and in the end put YourExploit exploit = new YourExploit(); exploit.Show(); this.Hide();



this is so simple af

Replied to thread: rate my bad ui out of 10

8/10 good for beginner but try improving ui and use less round button corners and maybe use monaco

Replied to thread: Rate my UI or else

@87922 I changed the look of Options what do you think now? https://ibb.co/WGygCQ5

Replied to thread: Rate my UI or else

@87922 Thanks

Replied to thread: What size are most executors

512x512 is best size