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Replied to thread: [Warning] Do Not Use Grp Products.

vouch, i exposed his friend back then and now grp's also a bad boy

Replied to thread: Rate my wpf ui

not unique at all, icons are meh, there's literally only 2 colors in the entire UI (black and white)

Replied to thread: How are you doing

the voices are being really loud lately but apart from that i'm doing good 👍

Replied to thread: Cyon -> Basically a roblox exploit made in WPF that aims 'simplicity' and 'it works' I guess.

@VoidableMethod, I ran it on a VM with Fiddler and also tried to investigate a bit in IDA, nothing seems malicious, still doesn't explain why it's in c++ though

Replied to thread: [WPF] Help, How to make a loader

make a new window for it
design it and create it in wpf
app.xaml should be set to the loader window

make all the bootstrapp process in the loader and then when its done, make it go to the actual executor window

Replied to thread: [SERVICE] Lua Scripting & C# Backend

25 bucks *insert funni skeleton gif*

vouch for this guy tho, buy him, he's a good slave

Replied to thread: [Cw] Alezia Exploit | Skidding, Malicious Content

nice cw /charsss

Replied to thread: It's my birthday

happy birthday my man

Replied to thread: Rate new UI Created on winforms

its ok but switch to wpf

Replied to thread: Apology + The end (no more attacks)

@Cyros, no, alwararapr

Replied to thread: dewadewadeawdewa

vouch!!!! /charsss

Replied to thread: Apology + The end (no more attacks)

@Astronemi, weren't you on emiray's and ishan's side when the whole cw thing happened?

Replied to thread: Apology + The end (no more attacks)



(maybe with this people can have some sense in their minds and realize it wasn't us)

Replied to thread: how to convert figma to xaml

@Ares, noted. Again i don't know anything about figma so sorry about that