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Commented to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

so true and based and redpilled and skibidi

Replied to thread : dead forum zzzzzzz


Replied to thread : how we could reverse engineer byfron

hi, developer here

as moon said


that's NOT how that works LMAO

Replied to thread : Haze [ Leaked ] --Credits ImmuneLion--

yo byte long time no see

Commented to thread : [BUG] Comments and replies being extremely unresponsive

im boutta lose it with all of these

Replied to thread : [Release] KAPI | Free Keyless Working Exploit API

"by haters i mean immune and his minions"
if it was just his minions then only a part of the forum would hate you?

sadly that is not the case, we all do

ur a clown brother, stop using jjsploit/fluxus dlls :skull:

Replied to thread : [Release] Advert Free Easy Exploits | With Auto Updater

what the user above me said

also easyexploits is even more aids

Replied to thread : Volt Ultra - upcoming roblox exploit!

What previous users said above me, this is no no no