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Replied to thread: [REL] Ballistic (It's finally here)

@Alawrpar Thank you.

Replied to thread: [REL] Ballistic (It's finally here)

@Alawrpar I'm cleaning up everything he's made for Ballistic, taking me a while I can't lie, should be good soon though.

Replied to thread: Stop copying test_bot2 lmfao

Making a bot is easy, I will make one myself IF they get allowed again, with unique features.

Replied to thread: Announcement On The Bots

Thank you for coming forward about it, I enjoy seeing what people are able to make with the bots.

Replied to thread: [REL] Ballistic (It's finally here)

@Rexi @crazy_cat @Alawrpar I'll give my thought on the drama with Nam3; he's doing a better job than most would.


1. He was 11 years old, brain wasn't developed to a point where he had a sense of maturity.

2. It was one video given to him by a guy called CheetoFinger, he did NOT ask for it.


Are you really going to flame someone for a mistake they made when they were 11? you can do so if you want, however just think about it.

I'm not saying you are flaming him, but other people do and have in Discord servers at to what I've seen - so just saying that before anyone gets mistaken.

Created a new thread: [REL] Ballistic (It's finally here)

Ballistic is a premium Roblox scripting utility created by atari and Nam3. Our settings are separated into 4 sections, those of which are Interface, API, Roblox and Extensions. We have many unique options available, like anti-skid (blurs your editor unless you hover over it).


We have multiple APIs for you too choose from, so that you don't have to wait an eternity for one to get patched. Hopefully, with what Ballistic provides - you can fullfil any Roblox exploiting desires you mave have. We will continue to make updates until the end of Roblox exploiting.


If you would like to join our server, you can do so here 👉


I forgot to upload virus scan results.

Hybrid Analysis:


Replied to thread: Apology for recent actions on discord (for immune)

@ishanjit321 If Emiray does anything regarding the matter from this point onward, I'll make sure it gets dealt with properly. Immune and his sister doesn't deserve this, I started it.

Replied to thread: WRD++ | Join Now!

Everyone there is satisfied with the help they receive, it's truly the best server you can't deny. I'm working on a series of tutorials dedicated to Roblox scripting (exploiting ofc).

Replied to thread: Apology for recent actions on discord (for immune)

@Cyros You got that right.

Replied to thread: Apology for recent actions on discord (for immune)

I've said some rather nasty things aswell which I apologize for, and there's no point in hiding it. I'm greatful that we made peace though.

Replied to thread: [Question] Cross-platform Compilation

I've made some things on Linux in the past few months and I have answers to your questions, however they're underwhelming. For your first question, I only think it's possible to use CMake, I don't like the syntax either - I really do hope there is another way though. For your second question, I don't think this is possible. Maybe you can find the files online and try use them in your project, but there's a good chance you'll get stuck with a loophole of errors.

Replied to thread: I want to learn C++

So you want to learn C++? I'm not amazing at it just yet, however I can help you. You'll want to go to and read as much as you can there until you feel somewhat comfortable coding in C++. TheCherno has a C++ playlist, you will want to use this as a reference guide. Don't start from the absolute beginning, find a video with a topic you want to learn about. Like pointers, structs, classes, etc.

Replied to thread: Russia VS Ukraine

It's a war, you do what you have to do in order to survive. I'm with Ukraine as it's not their fault that this is happening - however I believe that it's because of this war, that the UK is undergoing recession.

Replied to thread: guys you can call me an official hacker because i hacked my school

@RealNickk I hope everyone in the IT department got fired.

Replied to thread: Novaline V3 is out!

Looks a lot better than V2 :sunglasses: