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Replied to thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

As you're interested in making tools to automate deobfuscation, I recommend you take a look at dnlib.

Commented to thread : Update 3 about my situation

@matty324 Why are you mocking people with down syndrome?

Replied to thread : Spam/Scam Account Mass Replies?

The only footwear account allowed on this forum is wetsocks.

Replied to thread : Fart Hub Games Unite Testing Place

Worst loader of the year award goes to...

Commented to thread : How do i check if a beams color is 0 1 0.333343 0 0 1 1 0.333333 0 0 ?

I recommend giving Awesome Explorer a go.

Commented to thread : Response to CW

Kiwi was only meant to be a moderator temporarily.

Commented to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

@Alawrpar You have the wrong guy, I'll talk to you privately about that. Anyhow Rust has always seemed complex to me, now is the time to get around it.

Replied to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

Great thread, I've been thinking about learning Rust recently.

Commented to thread : [CW] Kiwixcoke - Extortion/False Striking

It is an account impersonating Nemanja Mulasmajic. I believe he does browse the forums frequently though to keep up with exploit developers' progress.

Replied to thread : How can I port Avalon to UWP?

There are many ways you can go about script execution on the UWP client. Go ahead and communicate using websockets, or render a ScreenGui on initialization that people can use to execute scripts. Making an application isn't necessary, it's just additional work.

Commented to thread : Response to CW

@Alawrpar Stop exposing me 😰

Commented to thread : WeAreDevs on an AIO Screen

Picture of someone's dingle dongle on this forum got leaked, the picture was shown on an AIO. 

Commented to thread : Response to CW

The social links in my signature are just images.

Replied to thread : WeAreDevs on an AIO Screen

Last time I saw a picture of an AIO on this forum, it was not a pretty sight. Some may know what I'm talking about.

Commented to thread : guys i deleted system32 what i do nooo

You boot into a windows installation image, open command prompt and file explorer - then you can delete System32.