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Created a new thread : Medusa addressing the rumors

Today, I would like to clarify the recent negative reputation I received. I believe it was based on incorrect information that was used to justify the negative feedback.


I have been accused of several actions, including attempting to dox Atari, stealing Irius's design, copying Novaline, skidding, and kicking someone from a project after they coded for it. However, these accusations are not true.


The situation involving Atari and Immune led me to try and assist Immune in reporting Atari to the police, but I never had any intention of doxing anyone.


As for Irius's design, I sought and received permission to use it from Irius himself. I even showed him the finished product after using it.


Sina's assertion that I attempted to copy Novaline is false, as the name Nova was generated multiple times by ChatGPT, and Sina was aware of this. I even decided to change the name when I understood Novaline's nickname was Nova.


My partnership with Sina ended because of his lack of attention to my opinions. I initiated the project, but he treated me as a mere employee. Also he never coded anything of Orion yet to claim I used him.


I have been open about my lack of knowledge in C# and have demonstrated this in the public WeAreDevs Discord server. I never claimed to know C#, so I do not believe I can be considered a skid. Sina was even going to teach me c# one day.


Regarding discussing Entity behind his back, I also addressed these same issues with him directly in the Novaline server. Although this is not a justifiable behavior, I did not try to hide it. I have no screenshots of this as Novaline automatically purges.


I do not hold any ill will towards those who participated in the negative feedback, as they were misled. I hope this clarifies the truth and provides a clearer understanding of the situation.

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@VoidableMethod I displayed that user interface as a temporary solution, the real one can be found in our Discord. I'm not toxic and anyone, including a 13-year-old, can tell that I was not being serious. I don't require feedback or judgment on my behavior. Please refrain from interfering in my affairs in the future. My purpose for being here is strictly for business, not to engage in discussions about my actions with minors.

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@VoidableMethod I assumed you were joking because I don't engage in toxic behavior, but it appears you were serious. The user interface we are using is unique and I don't user V3rm. Your response was unnecessary and lacked intelligence.

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You got banned on Discord so we never finished our discussion, if you're interested in continuing it Medusa#2052

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Didn't you make this thread already

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@Zera average person called Zera with 42 rep

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Bro has a open source tab open skid confirmed -rep

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ok. charsssssss

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I don't know if you're serious or not but if you are Medusa#2052 is my Discord and you can talk to me man. Sorry to hear about your uncle

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I like you but this was definitely unfunny, not the thread itself but all the sarcasm is a little too obvious this was a joke lol

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@efewss Smartest WRD user

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@Cyros Zera's UIs aren't $15 for the entire UI lol

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My Discord is Medusa#2052 and I make UIs & Graphic design

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I wanna know how you found it on the same day