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Replied to thread : Opinions on a certain Topic

Personally, I think it's disgusting that people believe they can change their gender. Sit in your own lane, be your own gender, life isn't fair, you were born that way, and I'm not going to call you your new gender.

Replied to thread : Most important question in the whole universe

The process of defecation, commonly referred to as "pooping," is a natural bodily function that typically occurs once or twice a day. To have a bowel movement, it is important to have a regular routine and to eat a diet that is high in fiber. Staying hydrated and getting regular exercise can also help to regulate the bowel movement. When the urge to defecate arises, it is best to use the bathroom as soon as possible to avoid constipation. It is important to take your time, and not to strain, when trying to have a bowel movement.

Replied to thread : I am stepping up for president!

vouch, i would vote.