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very epik person who can help do stuf


also are you interested in cheese


Mastermind at Lua and Javascript and will be happy to help anyone who run into some problems.




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Created a new thread : dfngiafoighsdifghsf yo

anyone got an undetectable executor? prob not

Created a new thread : grrrrrrrrrrr

my account got banned again (1 day)

Replied to thread : I'm done exploiting.

anyone got any undetectable executors????

Replied to thread : I'm done exploiting.

@jugugalu, dont reply to this comment asking for help

Created a new thread : I'm done exploiting.

They turned the unexpected client behavior into a ban and I can't risk it anymore. 

Replied to thread : when i'm trying to attach jjs to roblox in dosen't work

Wait for it to update. If you can't wait, I suggest fluxus or krnl. 

Created a new thread : Fluxus website isn't working

Is it down or something I need a key

Replied to thread : Nothing is supported on roblox right now

looks like someone needs to wait until the devs update it


Replied to thread : been kicked due to an unexpected client behaviour

common jjsploit issue

so easily detected

no you prob wont get banned

Replied to thread : I know how to fix error code 268 but not the executer

it can take longer the more times you inject it

Replied to thread : jj is broken

really big tip: dont use jjsploit use comet

Replied to thread : JJsploit not updating for new versions

its neither. wait for the exploit to update

Replied to thread : JJsploit says im not supported...

the exploit needs to update