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Replied to thread : jjsploit dont work

1. roblox updated so the exploit is patched

2. this has nothing to do with software and hardware

Replied to thread : Why does my JJsploit have an unsupported version of roblox but my siblings/friends dont.

very much probably outdated exploit-main.dll, reinstall jjsploit

Replied to thread : my account has been hacked

contact roblox support and hope they respond

Replied to thread : jjsploit doesn't attach

probably antivirus blocking finj5.exe, make an exception for it and it'll work


also move this to complaints

Replied to thread : My exploit wont attach ( i used it for years and it broke for me 5 months ago)

@SaltyMantis800 try injecting with infinite jump and jjsploit opened at the same time, that has worked for me

Replied to thread : KRNL fr broken?

bro can't even handle not flying for 1 milisecond

Replied to thread : Selling xbox codes for cheap

bro's selling something thats free 💀

Replied to thread : hats needed for scripts

install the better roblox extension to use more than 3 hats or more than 1 hair

Replied to thread : I can't log in to roblox

@90103 its not his computer's problem

Replied to thread : any ideas for my game

those 2 that replied, they are very good ideas! i'll make sure to work them into the game

Created a new thread : any ideas for my game

ik this aint related to exploiting but i have been developing a game lately but dont have many ideas, so im here for ideas, the game is for fighting so weapons and buildings ideas would be the best

Replied to thread : JJsploit starting up but says Could not find Module (1)? What do I do?

your antivirus is blocking kernel64.sys.dll, make an exception for it and it'll work