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Replied to thread : WeAreDevs Forum's Current State

ur right friend

Created a new thread : Rate my project

So I discovered something called Craftrise, I playing 1.8.9 pvp like a hacker and I decided to make a fake cheat to doxx 10-year-old kids and export their all data to doxbin.


nvm rate my ui



Created a new thread : why im not online for months

So, I killed a black guy and I was in jail for 4 months.


The guy that I stabbed was a criminal, nvm I'm quitting exploiting Shet Dawn.


be safe!

Replied to thread : Rate my User Interface

I work here As racist

Replied to thread : I'm trying to make phonk music

Keep going dude 

Commented to thread : ill quit bro

İm now on windows 11 wdym 

Replied to thread : the end of an era

ohno rip rest in peace



Created a new thread : ill quit bro

the lego game hacking is dead and i dont wanna make something for free fr

Created a new thread : Just a question

How are you

Should I quit wrd?

Replied to thread : [RE-CW] Pluto_Guy: Ret*rdness, Skidding, Spamming neg reps thanks to friends

:skull: what do you mean dude he can ask for help

Commented to thread : Wizard's UI Library

Maybe? I dont know.

Commented to thread : Wizard's UI Library

the last update was 1 year ago idk

Created a new thread : Wizard's UI Library

Wizard's UI Library

You probably see this library!


Thats the link also By clicking here you can go to the website.

Commented to thread : How to fix Kernel32.dll error

Skid means script kiddie right?

Commented to thread : Guys, Help me.

Android 11 offline