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Joe the almighty!! I quit doing this sooo don't ask me for stuff.


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Best key service known to man!!! 

I used it and the owner fave MEEEEE FREE MINECRAFT DIAMONDS!!!!!!! 

Replied to thread : My Next Steps.

Imonn on top

Replied to thread : [CW]: Cherry/Objective & Argon's Module Sources have been leaked!

ah yes mr ethan decided to leak me source nice mr byfron glowie

Replied to thread : Hyper Script Execution DLL for UWP ✨

10/10 I would use 

Replied to thread : Reply To Zayn And Kenneth.

Nah bro I'm telling you zayn/boom got an excuse for everything 💀💀


Boom scared his internet points going gonna go down. 

Replied to thread : Coming out on WeAreDevs!

facts mad facts my brotha 

Replied to thread : Atlantis Official Coming Soon!

Yeah I watch youtube on my freetime.

Replied to thread : [Selling] C# Csgo Cheat Source 20$

Would be better if internal but external a bit better due to not worrying abt VAC overall a good source to buy but esp a bit laggy due to it not being real real real real real real real real real real real real.

Replied to thread : Personal preference On Lux (Death)

Please get joe right asdonhsaidyfg9shdfgi9oushdfg9

Commented to thread : [CW] Sirweeb - Skidding, questionable code

Hey I know that hwid code from somewhere. 

Oh yeah it's from coco. 

Did immune let you use it? 

Replied to thread : About UNC Environment Check

So much things can be improved such as expanding the unc library but if you do that isn't really sticking to unc but so many major and minor flaws you and anybody could fix.

Commented to thread : Nihon Preview

Knee Hone


Replied to thread : [Cw] RealChronics/Haruka Scamming/Alting

Chronics is hella mad

Replied to thread : the situation.

To be fair majority of the people are those who just started out in the community hoping to have a user base of their own so they could look like a front page owner but they have to start somewhere so they resort to YouTube tutorials and learn broken c# off that way than the indented way. 


Let's be honest nowadays nothing is unique like for example newer rap such as drill is usually sample from movies, shows, or even other songs. 


The only that could be sort of unique is probably the name but majority of the designs are the same and so is the main purpose of it (executors).