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Unfairroblox91 (still no com back)

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wow finally 10 rep 🎉


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Replied to thread : Got disabled

same lol ( Unfair Disabled#1195 )



Replied to thread : Goodbye WeAreDevs

noooo jj i will miss you my friend ( goodluck bro ) ( no im not com back )

Created a new thread : Goodbye everyone..

okay guys i know many people leaving this community and yeah i made many friends in this community and it very fun i been in this community for 1year so it my time to go, you might wonder why? i will tell this community keep restricting me and other there many reason and making exploit are boring for me now and i have school ok i will not gonna tell more cuz im lazy to type now.


idk i might return in a months?, a days?, a years, or never i will make better in my life goodbye everyone im free now ( you guys might dont know me )


-- my english might give you guys cancer

Replied to thread : Abyss (Releasing soon)

Cant cant wait for my ip get log

Replied to thread : ( MEME ) - WeAreDevs Slander #9

cool and i said that

Replied to thread : r/Confession | Confess Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

@75975 huh your is socket on

mine is no brush teeth

Replied to thread : r/Confession | Confess Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

I didnt brush my teeth for 3month ( pls dont tell my mom )

Replied to thread : Best example of a skid

Replied to thread : [RATE] Web Site

pog and very cool