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Commented to thread : Spam/Scam Account Mass Replies?

@ItsNitro you can always report them to us in the appeals & report server

Replied to thread : Spam/Scam Account Mass Replies?

yeah this happens a lot, we try to remove all of them as soon as we can though B)

Replied to thread : [CW] Sirweeb - Skidding, questionable code

Keep in mind. This is not a counter I am just clearing up the screenshots. Whatever you want to believe is up to you. I'm not going to judge you if you pick his side or try to say I skid code cause I simply am not bothered by it. I will however give a response to these screenshots.

How else am I meant to grab someone's HWID? Yeah I could optimize it a little more but it works?

I read the EazFuscator documentation to get the best settings which fit me. I don't know how else I'd do that.

Surprise surprise, there's low quality code in Novaline which I literally marked with a comment saying "to be improved"? What's so wrong with that?


I rather ask ChatGPT about something which I don't know how to do than read through documentation for 30 minutes to find the correct exact thing.

I cannot find the github logs for it (there is over 200 commits to the repo) and I don't feel like searching through all of them so you'll have to take my word for it. He wrote that code lol.

Once again I literally put a comment stating I'll have to rewrite it later? Are you illiterate?

No idea why this is in the thread, it used to be my way of calling your injector.


Also, lets not forget how your crappy injector was written in Rust. Faking injection times and using a crate.

I know exactly what your response is gonna be, "he didn't say anything when it was profiting him did he"? I indeed didn't because I frankly had no other choice. You literally have full ownership of the injector as you claim yourself in the file.

Replied to thread : Statement to Hyperions Official Release. - By Byfron CTO

Commented to thread : Why this accusation against KRNL is fake.

not really, you don't know where exactly KRNL's DLL gets their update information from, plus nexuspipe would stop you. I tried

Commented to thread : how do i make tabs for monaco?

+ vouch /chaaaars

Created a new thread : Why this accusation against KRNL is fake.

Hi, someone sent me this screenshot earlier today and I decided to do some searching.

First of all lets check the KRNL version, the console window says the user is running 2.0.15t. If you go to KRNL's latest version on their website you can see this is also the latest version.


You may be wondering now, is KRNL a bitcoin miner? How long have they been doing it?

I decided to look into this a little closer and found some crucial info which can debunk this screenshot easily.


In the screenshot you can see that the JS code apparently connects to a service hosted on using their API and since the two version numbers (one of user and one on website) match it shows that the screenshot was recent, right? Well one google search reveals that coinhive stopped their service in 2019.

But! There's more evidence this screenshot is fake, if view the source of where the API script is being loaded from you can see that someone bought the domain and uploaded a script that does the exact opposite, warn the user that a miner tried to initialize on their browser.

In the screenshot you can also see that they're using the API key "oiKAGEslcNfjfgxTMrxKGMJvh436ypIM", one quick google search reveals that this API key is flagged because it was being used to hijack MikroTik-devices.

Even right now, if you go to the URL (https:/ you can see that the person who bought the domain is fighting those cyrpto mining in browser scams.

I even found the original screenshot which the person who made the fake screenshot based it off. Like bro, using quotes in a <title> in html? As well as using the same throttle settings?


In conclusion: this screenshot is faked and there are more arguments proving it's fake than proving it's real.

Replied to thread : Chat Css Issue?

It moves the whole page and doesnt look that good imo

Replied to thread : A F**k Proton mail moment

one way to do it is logging in on your browser and highlighting the text, that's what I used to do

Replied to thread : [REL | OPEN SOURCE] External FPS Unlocker

vouch very nice contribution atari

Replied to thread : [Cw] RealChronics/Haruka Scamming/Alting

Another day, more drama. Life story of WRD

Replied to thread : [REQUEST TO REMOVE] Remove Rogue Hub from the scripts page. (Or not)

I agree with this, keeping the script on the scripts page is kinda useless

Created a new thread : 50 threads! How have you guys been?

This is my 50th thread! I don't really know what to put here I just want the convo starter badge tbh..

How have you guys been?


Replied to thread : Electron is here

electron has been on the front page for a while now

Commented to thread : What's the best quote you've ever heard?


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