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Commented to thread : [RE-CW] Pluto_Guy: Ret*rdness, Skidding, Spamming neg reps thanks to friends

No I doubt any of them were Pluto's friends because Pluto (no offense to him) becuase he is just plain immature as, well I can't say that word. I viewed him as being the next Emiray or IShan so don't think I'm biased for him.

Commented to thread : [RE-CW] Pluto_Guy: Ret*rdness, Skidding, Spamming neg reps thanks to friends

"Spamming neg reps thanks to friends" "I don't like Joztyn either" Why do you think he received a negative rep? Enlighten me


Replied to thread : [RE-CW] Pluto_Guy: Ret*rdness, Skidding, Spamming neg reps thanks to friends

I've decided to make a response to this as I view my first response wasn't as in-depth as it should've been.

Also sadly I dont have images of this anymore :c due to my account being disabled.


Spam negative rep on Joztyn isn't likely due to Pluto's friends, I've been holding my tongue from saying anything but I will now. I hate interjecting on this especially when I wanted to stay offline but I feel it's quite necessary. To add to what I've stated before Joztyn has many sides to him. And I won't be defending Pluto as I am not a friend of Pluto's. I have only talked to Pluto a handful of times and each time he has been very respectable whenever we've chatted. If you think I personally like Pluto I've negatively repped him before. And he respectfully messaged me and apologized for what he did hence my rep's message to him.


I'd also like to state Joztyn has been really annoying to me and my whole development team and constantly says lies about me. He hasn't proved himself, unlike Pluto. Like I said before if someone cant change a PROJECT NAME they shouldn't be talking about someone "skidding". I dislike Joztyn for a few reasons let's talk about that.


1. Ego

I've never met someone with a bigger ego than Joztyn, he is the most annoying person ever. He cant admit when he is wrong and he just outright slanders things when he just doesn't like the person. Unlike normal people who move on from something he will still hold his biases and will still outright annoy you even in areas he doesn't have a clue in.


2. Constant Excuses

He justifies anything with this single excuse to make himself seem higher in placement than anyone else, it's sad to see people still back him especially when he gets called out and responds with something along the lines of "Im friends with the Script-Ware development team". He just uses the excuse I know this Script-Ware Developer and she knows 20x what you do it becomes annoying whenever you try to debate something with him.


3. Slander

I've never heard more lies coming out of someone's mouth than the words Joztyn says. These lies are just legit slander they have no factual basis and even if they had some way of being somewhat realistic they are easily disproved. He has claimed many things against many executors and one of the most popular executors he likes to slander is Synapse, Bro called Synapse malware, adware, crypto miner, etc, etc. I mean this guy makes Logang seem smart in his analogies, at least that guy had some basis. I mean Joztyn just says whatever he wants and doesn't care if it's true or false.


Also, Joztyn keep running your mouth about me I couldn't care less, talking behind my back is crazy, now isn't it?

Replied to thread : [RE-CW] Pluto_Guy: Ret*rdness, Skidding, Spamming neg reps thanks to friends

I don't have any personal biases in this situation, but based on my experiences with Joztyn, it seems that he lacks fundamental knowledge in various areas. As I've mentioned earlier, his inability to change the project name was the primary reason for his rejection from Jupiter. Furthermore, he has displayed a significant amount of anger towards my project simply because he wasn't hired by Jupiter. Personally, I see him as dishonest and deceitful.


Honestly, Joztyn has made so many foolish remarks in both the Atonix and Jupiter Discord servers that I wish I had taken screenshots of everything. He essentially comes across as someone who is incapable of doing anything besides complaining and whining. His attempt to attack my project because he didn't like being rejected from the development team is just immature and childish. 


On the other hand, Pluto handled the news of not being able to join our team in a mature manner. He accepted the decision and didn't engage in pointless arguments or lies about my choices and projects. My reason for him not being accepted was due to concerns in maturity and his lack of age.

Commented to thread : [Resquest] I want vergarson v5 a slot on

EasyExploits Skids Oxygen U/Furk Ultras DLL is evident in the video where it launches the EasyExploits website.

Replied to thread : Got disabled

On top of my already disabled account do to myself wanting to welp

Created a new thread : Goodbye WeAreDevs

Hello WeAreDevs,

I will be announcing as of June 20th I have officially disabled my discord account and will no longer be receiving messages on discord. This has been a relatively long time in the making. I will also not be active on the WeAreDevs forum unless needed.


Now I understand most people are wondering when/will I return? I will return that's a given but when is a different story. I may comeback really soon or I may only return if or when Jupiter releases. I have been busy in real life and barely have time to even play Roblox or being active on it in the first place. I've been trying to be more consistent about the time I'm online, but as I change so do my interests. How I viewed Roblox and several of my project as a fun hobby slowly changed into something I hated and viewed as boring and unmotivated. 


Jupiter brought new and fun ideas for what I wanted to do and leave the community with this obviously turned real quickly into something I viewed as boring and unmotivated of a project. I'm not going to sit here and lie about working day and night on a project that I've grown bored of and tired of honestly working on. I work in real life and I've barely had time to work on a script or executor for that matter.  


This has been a fun adventure from my start to my finish, and I've enjoyed the various things that made me laugh or different people I've met. But nothing can escape the cruel reality of life.  


Goodbye for now have fun in any future projects you plan to do. As for now Jupiter is now owned by Mr. Lolegic and Redacted.

Replied to thread : what stuff do you want me to release

Delta V4 charsss

Replied to thread : how can i get the hwid?

Gethwid Is a function

Replied to thread : delta owner casually not caring about user experience


Imagine so disappointed, first WW1 and WW2 now this.

Commented to thread : DONT DOWNLOAD KIWI X


My personal preferences are the following. Kiwi X took years to get its very own custom DLL, and to me having a keysystem or a ton of ads for a really long time with no custom DLL in sight was a horrible way of doing things. And having large amounts of ads and having a keyed version in my books is just a scummy thing to do. If someone wanted something just to use with the same execution power before they could've just used WRD or EasyExploits. And on top of that JJSploit is very minimalistic and basic to use.


Also with the partnership with Arceus X I find it funny how they sell out to anyone with money or someone offering payment. They endanger their users with potential negative consequences of using the partnered product. While sure this doesn't directly make Kiwi X or any of their services bad or potentially harmful. I just believe the partnership shouldn't have been done. Especially when the team they partnered with has had a terrible reputation and a bad history with malicious logging.


However, sure Kiwi X has improved a bit with its custom DLL finally but I still stand with my initial view on Kiwi X as they only switched because they had to.

Replied to thread : Starting new Code

Rephrase please charsss

Replied to thread : How much earn owners of WeAreDevs?

I get paid 400 use a month for advertising JJSploit @Xero can confirm :troll:

Commented to thread : Update 3 about my situation

He's just saying factual information no one really cares that your friend is struggling to purchase executors. He's just one in the thousands of others we see on a daily basis. I dislike how this seems so staged just to sh!t on SirHurt tbh. (This isn't addressed towards you alternate)