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Replied to thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

@TJB13022012 Im not sure if anyone does that.

Replied to thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

@TJB13022012 No one will charge 800 USD at once they will charge 500 USD per month.

Replied to thread: [FINDING] DLL MAKER

For a DLL that's as powerful as Oxygen U, you would need to fork out at least 500 per month. Something around Evon execution is 450 - 500 per month also. (The cost of each DLL is in USD)

Replied to thread: Code block bugs and Rogue Hub on scripts page

Tbh most of the scripts on the Scripts page need to be changed to newer scripts. Jon really should consider removing most of the scripts on there and replacing them with modern scripts.

Replied to thread: My game Keeps getting fatal error and an error code (Im using Oxygen U)

@Haruka really while true do end doesn't crash try it and if the custom function was used incorrectly it would error.

Replied to thread: My game Keeps getting fatal error and an error code (Im using Oxygen U)

@Haruka The crash was likely caused due to the script ran nothing to do with being detected. As he indirectly stated that he ran a script and it crashed after running. Oxygen U likely crashed because of the script that he attempted to execute.
A good example of replicating a crash similar is just executing while true do end

Replied to thread: My game Keeps getting fatal error and an error code (Im using Oxygen U)

@Haruka, that's not how an executor works, an executor doesn't typically crash due to any type of detection. It is likely that the executor crashed from the script executed.

Replied to thread: [REQ] Crash Client Roblox Script

@heckerdude, there are ways to crash roblox and the way you listed could've just been simplified down to a simple while true do end, this will crash any executor on the market currently. And no that will not damage your hardware the executor will just simply crash Roblox.

Replied to thread: what is the worst script executor ?


Well, the thing is Matty has absolutely no clue of what he's talking about and it's pretty apparent. A good example of this is his very own words, he claims Fluxus, Trigon, and Evon are bad however they each use the same DLL. It's pretty funny how he says JJSploit is good because Fluxus = JJSploit. It's even more apparent in the newest thread he made (https://forum.wearedevs.net/t/31902) he talks badly about something he hasn't even used.

Replied to thread: what is the worst script executor ?

Unlike Matty, who has never used SirHurt and has no clue what he's talking about, I think the worst executors now will be on this list.


Ones With Their Own DLLs

Temple -- While it was only discontinued recently I will never forget the pain of trying to add support to it. It was missing more functions then I think any executor that was on the market at the time. It was missing basic functions and so much more, it didn't even have support for require() and mind you it was 10 dollars.


Electron -- While there was a decent amount of performance fixes in my opinion it hasn't gotten back up to what it was before.



Tiger Eye -- While you've likely never heard of it, it's a good mention. It uses EasyExploits API and is/was featured by EX now the reason it sucks is that its UI looks like it hasn't been touched in years.

Replied to thread: Should I focus on my hub?

What do you mean by "hub" nah I'm joking why not separate the workload between your developers (if you got any)

If you don't then focus on what you can release the quickest and then start on the next thing.

Replied to thread: wrd iceberg (made really fast)

Yes I am at the top of the list

Replied to thread: Flame Sploit

I'm sorry but this is bad like bad bad. I hate that layout 2/10 for effort

Replied to thread: WRD News Week 1

@Alternate, what happened to Alternate D :hehe:

Replied to thread: WRD News Week 1

Ay Jupiter made it on wrd news.