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Commented to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

damn, sad to hear

Replied to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

Man, I agree that the future of this site is doomed. Btw, can you pass me killer's tag? I want to referesh some memories with him lol

Replied to thread : Goodbye 👋, Im out

who tf is u



Commented to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

thanks for your help, but i got a new gpu recently.

The previous one's socket died and couldn't be repaired.

Commented to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

how? i cant see any display on my gpu do i install them while my gpu is plugged and im running display on motherboard?

Commented to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

I'm too broke

Created a new thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

Hey guys, I have a Nvidia Gtx 950. Recently it's not sending any display.

It's not a problem with my motherboard because I tested another gpu and it seems to work fine and send display.


but with my gtx 950, I plug in the dvi port with my monitor and it doesn't send any display? While the gpu was turned on, I plugged the cable on the motherboard and the display was turned on.

It was as if the gpu wasn't even detected by the motherboard?


So far what I have tried to fix this issue was:

-removing and adding the cmos battery on motherboard.

-trying it on a different monitor

-checking my rams and cleaning their ports.


None of these solved my issue.

This is pretty weird considering my gpu was working JUST fine before..


My last resort is this forum and I don't want to go to a repair shop because I'd either have to leave my gpu there and they probably going to do some weird stuff with my gpu and take out some stuff...


P.S my gpu fans are running when I turn my pc on.


I'd appreciate any sort of help, thank you

Replied to thread : [2ND CW] - Kiwixcoke | The Entire Situation Got Worse

On this Dispute, I'm with Nemi. Kiwi is actually a really egoistical person but still threatening people to get users on your website is wild 💀

Replied to thread : tell me something to make in c# and ill try to do it

Make Minesweeper ONLY USING C#

Commented to thread : [Question] Enhancing my knowledge

i am not sure but im now learning from the microsoft website now