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Replied to thread : [REQ] IDA Pro. Download Links

pepsi#0948 i know it by heart

Created a new thread : [REQ] IDA Pro. Download Links

Hello. Long time... Well let me get straightforward and request for download links for pro versions of ida software. I'm looking to see whats new within roblox itself. Its great seeing WRD still up.

Created a new thread : Rating / Feedback on a mockup

I'm again back at it with motivation to design and work on vector so please give me some feedback on my small mockup!


Replied to thread : Paste whatever is on your clipboard



Replied to thread : WRD premium giveaway


Replied to thread : WRD Premium Giveaway

iN THE kanye we love


Replied to thread : Exploit Names?

If you finna make something let me join

Replied to thread : [HELP] Visual studio / Guna UI Framework

To resolve the problem, follow these steps:


Restart both your computer and Visual Studio.

Check for any GunaUI framework changes.

To determine whether the problem remains, try establishing a new project with the GunaUI framework.

Cleaning and reconstructing the project is an option.

Examine GunaUI's compatibility with the version of Visual Studio you're running.

Replied to thread : What languages do yall speak?

I am proficient in eight languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Italian.


Replied to thread : I need exploit name idea

@91102That was the name that I was tempted to use before I thought of vector.



Replied to thread : [Release] Bit Flags for Lua

Your back in the worst possible time to be respectful. The comm seems to go a downhill ;/


Replied to thread : Rogue - An upcoming paid exploit!

It appears to be an exciting new venture. It is not, at the very least, a monthly payment. Consider paying $5 each month for a Lego game cheat seems stupid.  (cough) Synapse x


Replied to thread : [FREE ROBLOX EXECUTOR] Comet 3

Always publish your source code to a github repository. It assists you in keeping your src secure and organised!


Replied to thread : [Release] Address Dumper For Roblox

@53326wsg... send me your google hangout chats!!!


Replied to thread : congratulations Kiwi!!!!!

@JJSploit_On_Top pepsi = coke or coke = pepsi but... pepsi max/pepsi nitro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>